Mexico-Bashing Gay Arizona Sheriff Shares Tips On Forbidden Love

Mexico-Bashing Gay Arizona Sheriff Shares Tips On Forbidden Love

Recently outed gay Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu has some hot relationship tips about his longtime gay partner "Jose," who was also a trusted political consultant for Babeu and even designed all of Babeu's congressional campaign websites: Jose somehow secretly "wanted to harm me," Babeu told CNN on Monday. If true, this follows thetypical Republican foreign policy of bullying people from other countries and then threatening to bomb them for being upset about being bullied.

But in the case of Jose, Sheriff Babeu threatened to deport his longtime gay lover -- the Arizona version of a nuclear bomb. Here are two terribly awkward terrible people talking about this:

The important thing is that when a comical hypocrite Republican is caught with his pants down -- and with a gay lover, and that gay lover is also a Mexican national and the comical hypocrite Republican has built his whole sick career on bashing Mexican immigrants -- it must mean there is some conspiracy when the media and the nation say "haw haw." Blingee art by Princess Sparkle Pony. [CNN/Politico]


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