Do police understand non-lethal technology, or are they flummoxed by machines that don't go PEW PEW? Every single day another officer of the law gets outed on social media for beating the crap out of some poor brown kid. And yet cops go right on posting incriminating shit all over Facebook. They'll come to your kid's school and lecture little Tyler and Tiffany about online safety. But once they peel out of the parking lot, it's SUN'S OUT GUNS OUT.

Hey there, Stevo! Oh, sorry to be familiar, Detective Steven Rosser. But we feel like we know you, what with your now-deleted Facebook posts appearing in our Twitter feed. Didn't you just tell little Chloe and Jacob that stuff you post online is FOREVER?

It's nice to know that you're so politically engaged. But it does make us wonder if it was just a coincidence that you and three fellow officers happened to be working undercover in the Sirens strip club on Wednesday night when Trump-accuser Stormy Daniels was doing her act and got arrested. Because there's what you said yesterday.

And there's what you said in February about poor President Trump, beset by a "hostile Congress and the media attacking him 24/7." (Was that before or after you told little Jayden, Braeden and Caden not to send naked selfies to their friends?)

And there's what Daniels's lawyer Avenatti said ...

Right before the Columbus Police Department magically dropped the case.


Look, the point of all these pretty pictures is that the power is in your hands, Wonkers. Literally. Are you reading this on your phone? Then you have the power to make the world a better place. Especially if you're a person protected by your skin, or your bank account, or your zip code.

Because we can't all have Michael Avenatti shining a spotlight on our police problems.

But we can all use social media to look out for each other. So if you see something, film something. Take a screenshot and mail it to yourself. Maybe next week you'll find that someone in your community needs help.

Social media's a sewer, but none of us seems to be able to quit swimming in it. Might as well use it to fight racists and Trump supporters. But we repeat ourselves!

Jack and Mark are gonna steal all your data anyway, right?

Happy clicking! And don't be an asshole.

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And now for some news that has nothing to do with Brett Kavanaugh's penis or Donald Trump's penis! The president has committed what may be the biggest of obstruction of justice he has engaged in since he was inaugurated, because despite everything else that's going on, the walls of the Russia investigation continue to close in on him and his family. Therefore, in the name of "transparency," it's time to VERY SELECTIVELY declassify some classified information and harm national security in the process, and all for the sake of giving Fox News and the paste-eating dipshits in the House GOP something to shout about, and to try to protect his stupid ass.

Here's the basic thing he did, and why it's so bad, both for America and also for himself, because he's such a fuckin' idiot. Just as his presidency is falling apart, his SCOTUS nominee is being accused of attempted rape, Paul Manafort is flipping on him, Michael Cohen is talking to Robert Mueller about him, and Michael Flynn is about to be sentenced ... WHEW! ... Trump has issued the following order:

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Ryan Bundy and brothers in front of Nevada Capitol, which looks like the mushroom guy in Mario Kart

Somehow, we'd plum forgotten that Ryan Bundy -- the "Legal Idiot" Sovereign Citizen son of Cliven Bundy and the real philosophical brains behind the Nevada and Oregon High Plains Grifters standoffs with the illegitimate US government -- is running as an independent for governor of Nevada. But then a tweet by Riley Snyder, a reporter for the Nevada Independent, showed off some of the SovCit madness on Bundy's campaign website, and well, hot spit and murderation, we are impressed with the wisdom therein!

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