Michael Brown: Non-Felonious Monster, Still Needed To Die

As any fool knows, it's vitally important to know whether Michael Brown's death was justified by anything he ever did long before Officer Darren Wilson told him to stop walking in the middle of the street, which is why, in the name of Justice, America absolutely needs to have hisjuvenile court records released. And so today, in a hearing on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's request for the release of Brown's records, court officials said that Brown had no Class A or Class B felony convictions in juvenile court and was not the subject of any active cases when he died:

Cynthia Harcourt, a lawyer for St. Louis County Juvenile Officer Kip Seeley, argued against releasing those records, but acknowledged that there were no convictions or active cases for the most serious types of felonies.

Class A felonies include second-degree murder and first-degree robbery; the penalties in adult court range from 10 years in prison to death. Class B felonies include voluntary manslaughter, second-degree robbery and first-degree burglary, with a maximum penalty of five to 15 years.

It is not known whether Brown had ever been accused of lesser offenses; any record of those would be part of a confidential family court file.

Slimy ferret-felching blogstain Charles C. Johnson, who is also seeking the release of Brown's juvenile records because he heard from a guy that Brown had a “juvenile arrest record involving second degree murder,” was quick to point out that simply not being convicted doesn't mean that Brown wasn't a thuggy thuggy murder gangster:

Damn right. In the court of public opinion, "not guilty" only means that a thug managed to get off because the judge is a liberal, or you had a high-priced lawyer, probably Jewish, who kept you from facing justice. The same goes for charges being dropped.

Needless to say, Stupidest Man on the Internet Jim Hoft is keeping hope alive:

John Burns, the attorney for Charles Johnson at Got News, told The Gateway Pundit after the hearing this morning at the St. Louis County courthouse that Brown was never convicted of a serious felony but may have been charged with a serious felony before his death. The Post Dispatch may be inaccurate in their report today.

UPDATE: Charles Johnson, who sued for the release of the records, told The Gateway Pundit that the Post-Dispatch article is inaccurate.

For that matter, even the lack of any charges would still prove nothing. Maybe Brown killed again and again but was never caught. After all, it is a known fact that Michael Brown stole cigars, so the possibility that he may also have beaten the rap for as many as five or six or twenty murders cannot be dismissed. You all know how tall and black he was, a walking black weapon, even, so he and his Crips and/or Bloods "homies" probably just intimidated everyone who might have testified against him. Also, have we sufficiently explored whether Mike Brown was smuggling guns, drugs, underaged hookers, and counterfeit My Little Pony trading cards for the Columbian cartels? And what about Ebola? Nobody's conclusively proven that Mike Brown wasn't planning to infect all the white people in Ferguson with Ebola. Why are the courts, in league with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the rest of the liberal media, bent on covering up the truth?

[St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Gateway Pundit]

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