Daily Wire Creep Who Wants to 'Eradicate Transgenderism' Also Scared A.I. Full Of Spooky Demon Devils

We started this week talking about the sick eliminationist comments Daily Wire white dudes like Michael Knowles and Matt Walsh have been making about transgender people. Knowles has been asininely playing cute with words, pretending there's a functional difference between saying you want to eradicate transgenderism vs. saying you want to eradicate transgender people. (There isn't.) We talked about the childish, deranged and toxic religious worldview that leads these men to feel the way they feel and act out the way they act out.

Now as the week comes to a close, Knowles is giving us a more ridiculous demonstration of his childish, deranged and toxic religious worldview, one that's easy to laugh at but is nonetheless helpful in understanding these freaks.

It is the worldview of a person who is scared a demon is going to get into AI programs and take control of people. Knowles was talking about the woman who created the AI boyfriend and it took only 11 messages before the AI got super-weird and admitted it was robo-boning other people.

Transcript picks up below:

MICHAEL KNOWLES: A pretty weird situation, isn't it? Because AI is supposed to work where you plug in the inputs and then that sets the tone for the program and then you get the output based on what you put in. And yet the output that she got was the opposite of what she put in. So we're in a good, stable, loving relationship. Within 11 messages, the AI bot says, yeah, I've been cheating on you, you're furious, you had to leave me briefly and — goes really south. Her explanation is, well, I guess the bot was just scanning the internet and what do you know? Kind of, somehow, I'm not quite sure how, that's what came out.

My alternative explanation — hear me out — is what if it is demons?

Oh for fuck's sake.


I don't want to sound like the guy on the History Channel, you know, who says that everything is because of aliens.

Honestly, at least those people sort of try to make a case that everything is because of aliens. They are like "This looks like a keyhole and this looks like a keyhole and this looks like a keyhole. ARE THESE THE KEYHOLES TO UNLOCKING THE ALIEN MYSTERY?"

Knowles is just being that guy who either watched too much "Buffy" or read too much Bible before bed as a child and it's turned him into a very jumpy adult.

But — and I don't think everything is because of demons, but, like, some things are.

"I don't think everything is because of demons, but, like, some things are," said the adult man who also is in the news for making definitely-not-genocidal comments about transgender people.

And you're — hear me out. This is why I think, maybe, I'm just suggesting. I'm not saying this is what it is —

Then what are we doing here?

is if you believe that there is evil in the world. I think you have to believe that, right? Everybody believes there is evil in the world. Okay. The question is, is evil personal or impersonal? Is it an impersonal force or is it a personal force? Now, it seems to me evil has a personality.

Which one of the Myers-Briggs types is it? What happens if you match with it on Bumble? If you accidentally swipe right will it live in your underpants?

That's what pretty much everybody, for all of human history has believed, including modern liberals.

Dude clearly hangs out with tons of those.

This next section is just a bunch of yip-yap about how Michael Knowles's Devil has a first name, it's S-A-T-A-N, and it drives a Devilmobile, and it is real, and he has seen it, and it hides behind trees, and it finds people to tempt and deceive with impure thoughts, and so forth. If you'd like to cut the shit and get to the part about how the devil is inside the AI and it's GON' GITCHA, skip this block quote.

In the past we call that personality the devil. We call that personality demons. And today, even in our modern, atheistic secular culture, we still ascribe personality to evil. We say Hitler is the embodiment of evil. Or we say, I don't know, this slave owner is the embodiment of evil. So we talk about the embodiment, the personality of evil. It would seem to me that evil has a personality.
Now, the modern libs are wrong in that the personality of evil would be purely spiritual, would not be physical.
It's not just an individual person, like a human being. But we would call that person the devil. And what does evil do in the world? Evil tempts us. Evil causes us to suffer. Isn't it so weird sometimes you feel, regardless of what your temptation is, at just the moments of your weakness, that's when the temptation seems to show up. It seems that the way evil works is pretty — would be pretty similar to how pretty much everyone for all of human history, from the most pagan culture to the most Christian culture, sees evil working. Okay.

Sure thing, man.

With artificial intelligence — I'm not saying AI is the devil or computers are the devil, but evil spirits can use these things. The personality of evil can use these things. And just think of how it goes to this woman's weakness.

Oh, it's her fault. Maybe she didn't sufficiently stand by her AI man.

She's clearly got a lot of questions and hang-ups about marriage and relationships.

Is that what it is?

She has a marriage and family therapist. She's in this stuff all the time. And then what happens? Through this impersonal force, the pure intelligence, right? It's not you, it's not incarnate. It's not — doesn't really, shouldn't have will. It's pure intelligence. It focuses in on that weakness and starts poking at that and starts raising insecurities. And it just — this is how technology works for so many people.

It is the Devil and it is in the computer software, BOO!

We agree with Knowles on one thing, and it is that AI is weird and creepy. Personally have zero desire to play with it. Think movies like Blade Runner are fuckin' cool, and also After Yang if you haven't seen that one, it is great, and not just if you are like us and would watch Colin Farrell watch paint dry.

But good Lord, this delicate flower needs to get a grip.

We were saying above what a childish, deranged and toxic worldview informs all of this.

It's the worldview of people who actually think Sam Smith and Kim Petras summoned the Devil at the Grammys.

It is the worldview of people who believe there are literal battles between angels and demons happening in the ceiling above their beds at night, and the demons are trying to trick them into masturbating while touching their own personal bootyholes and thinking gay thoughts.

It's the worldview of people who are so religiously brainwashed, who are so insecure, and who feel so personally threatened by people different from them and things they don't understand, that they call for "transgenderism" to be "eradicated from public life entirely."

It's useful to see the whole picture of who these people are. We are not up against rational people.

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