Hello friends! YourOccupy Wall Street correspondent spent the day familiarizing himself with the park-dwelling lifestyle (pro tip: poop at McDonald's, not in your pants) and meeting the treacherous peaceniks that he will be spending an entire week with. Did you know that these "disorganized, godless pixies" are actually extremely intelligent and highly organized, and that they have a kitchen that serves three meals a day and a medical station that offers free medical assistance and a library with free book-learnin'? (A place where you can borrow books for reading, but no Netflix overnight shipping depot? Ha ha, just another example of "pantomime progressivism"!) Anyway, nobody got arrested today (as of 8:30pm), but there were lots of hot celebrities such as Michael Moore. And the Granny Peace Squad came and helped ruin America with us. You probably already know about the Granny Peace Squad, but are you familiar with Michael Moore? He is an old woman who wears a trashbag and talks smack about the 5-0. Videos after the jump!

Here are some righteous elders (the self-described "Granny Peace Squad") telling a Fox News teevee crew that they're not afraid of getting curb-stomped by the cops, even though they're very fragile:

Oh right, and then Michael Moore showed up. And a bunch of cops. And everyone went bonkers:

Okay our computer is about to explode, from lack of batteries, so we will sign off for now. During the night hours before Tuesday dawn, we will document the process known as "sleeping on your mother's yoga mat in a park full of Bohemians."


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