Malkin: Black Lady Says Stephen Colbert Murdered Her Nephew


The death knell of American humor.Michelle Malkin has taken it upon herself to inform the world that illegal immigration is NOT A JOKE, YOU GUYS, even though Stephen Colbert testified to Congress for five minutes back on Friday. Illegal immigrants are raping and murdering every single one of our children, at this very moment, because they are illegal immigrants, which means the only thing they can do is break laws. Thankfully, Malkin got some black lady to back her up on this, so she's obviously not racist or xenophobic or any such thing.

Longtime readers of this blog know the tragic story of Los Angeles teenager Jamiel Shaw, who was gunned down by an illegal alien gang member in 2008 amidst brown-on-black violence in California’s open-borders sanctuary.

Oh right, those two kinds of people. We remember, Michelle.

Appalled by the Colbert Congress fiasco, Shaw’s aunt wrote an open letter to the comedian.

Let’s see him walk a day in their shoes. Any other liberal Hollywood takers? Anyone? Anyone?

Yeah, probably not! Liberal Hollywood never does random things Michelle Malkin asks them to do on her blog.

Anyway, the image Malkin includes with the post is of that dead kid's mother, not his aunt. But whatever, black person, we get it.

From the letter:

If you decide to accept this challenge, why not invite about 40 families who lost love ones due to illegal immigration, to come to your studio? Then, you can tell us all about your experience working on this farm. You can even tell us, “how bad your back was hurting when you were working with illegal aliens”. I wonder how many families would laugh and think that’s funny.

Ooh, burn! Those people do not think we should be tolerant of illegal immigrants! Those people know that if we just get rid of illegal immigrants, we will never have gang violence or any other crime in this country ever again, because all crime is committed by illegal immigrants. And that is not a joke.

But Malkin does not stop with Black Lady! She also has this YouTube video:

[youtube expand=1]

Listen to that ominous music. Illegal immigrants are responsible for literally every segment on the local teevee news. Why is the guy in charge of our nation's immigration laws, Stephen Colbert, allowing this to happen? [Michelle Malkin]


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