Michelle Malkin: Prissy Jerk Michelle Obama Wore A Ball Gown To State Dinner Like Some Kind Of Prissy Jerk

Michelle Malkin: Prissy Jerk Michelle Obama Wore A Ball Gown To State Dinner Like Some Kind Of Prissy Jerk

That picture that you see above is Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, with her husband, the "president." They are welcoming guests at their state dinner for French Mssr. President Socialist A. Horndog. She looks very pretty! While we were at first not wowed by the periwinkle and black color combination of this Carolina Herrera gown, at least not from a distance, with this closer look we now see the lovely detail work on the black overblouse, as well as the fuckin' bitchen bustle with this sideview, because aw yeah booty.

Well, some "journalist" (haw haw haw scarequotes) from NBC tweeted #BOWDOWN (it is, we are informed, a #Beyonce thing) with a picture of this dress, and the nine fulltime staffers at Twitchy had themselves a motherfucking cow babby, right there in their jammies. (It was very messy. Just cow babby placenta goop EVERYWHERE.) Now, Michelle Malkin is retweeting pictures her followers sent her of their best Goodwill finery. Let us see, with a lazy, Twitchy-style bunch of other people's tweets, what Michelle Malkin's Flying Monkeys think the First Lady of the United States should wear to a State Dinner, after the jump!

This lady got this dress for under $50 for her daughter's wedding. Good for you, lady!

Now let's layer that nice lady's dress with this awesome and cozy gray sweater.

Hmmm, wait. Are we sure we want that nice purple dress? Maybe we want this radtastic tube top dress instead? Yes, let's go with this one. Sorry nice daughter's-wedding lady!

We are not picking this lady's dress, because she is A LIAR. Clive Owen did not ask you who the designer was, LIAR PERSON, because it is ugly, and Clive Owen is NOT GAY.

Here is the perfect bag for Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, to wear with her beaded kittycat USA tubetop dress, to the State Dinner. But now we need a coat!

Oh good, there it is. But what for shoes? These?

No. These:

Now you have a perfect outfit for your next state dinner, Michelle Obama, now that you have learned a little bit about fashion from Michelle Malkin, perfect princess.

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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