Michelle Malkin's Lessons From Newtown: Teach Your Kids Not to Fear Death


Oh are we still doing this? Writing stupid garbage so we can figure out Why It Happened and What We Can Do (Besides Restricting Guns) T0 Make Sure It Never Happens Again? Yes, we are still doing this, or at least, Michelle Malkin is and she has some really new ideas, none of which have to do with banning assault weapons, which is good for our Freedom and a relief. Her ideas include: not letting your kids play video games, and teaching them not to fear death. No, really, these are her ideas on how to make sure no one shoots your kid: don't let them play video games, and also, teach them not to fear death.

So here are the highlights from her list of the 7 "Lessons from Newtown," which NRO republished from her blog.

7. Teach our kids about the acts of heroes in times of crisis. Tell them about Newtown teacher Vicki Soto’s self-sacrifice and bravery. Tell them about Clackamas-mall shopper Nick Meli, a concealed-carry-permit holder whose quick action may have prevented additional deaths. Tell them about Family Research Council security guard Leo Johnson, who protected workers from a crazed gunman. Tell them about the heroic men in the Aurora movie theater who gave their lives taking bullets for their loved ones. Tell them about armed Holocaust Museum security guard Stephen Tyrone Johns, who died fighting back against the museum’s nutball attacker. Tell them about armed private citizen Jeanne Assam, who gunned down the New Life Church attacker in Colorado Springs and saved untold lives.

Yeah but here's the thing about "armed private citizen" Jeanne Assam: she wasn't just a random private citizen, she was a former police officer and a church security guard. Also, the church fired her after she came out as gay, so maybe you can tell your kids about that too, and that way they can get two lessons in one: the first being that TRAINED PROFESSIONALS are useful in these kinds of situations, and the second is that HOMOSEXUAL TRAINED PROFESSIONALS are just as useful as non-homo trained professionals.

4. If you see a parent struggling with an out-of-control child, don’t look the other way. If you are able to offer any kind of help (your time, resources, wisdom), do it. Don’t wait.

3. We still don’t know the medical condition of the Newtown shooter. But we do know that social stigmas are strong. We don’t need government to take immediate, individual action to break those stigmas. There are millions of children, teens, and young adults suffering from very real mental illnesses. Be silent no more about your family’s experiences, your struggles, your pains, and your fears. Speak up.

OK, and these ideas range from "OK" to "pretty good," depending on how they are executed, so we are including them because we like reinforcing good behavior, even from Michelle Malkin. But don't get too excited because there is a kind of a bizarre idea coming up, after a couple other middling-to-OK ideas.

1. Teach our kids to value and respect life by valuing and respecting them always. And in loving and valuing life, teach them also not to fear death. The Catholic hymn “Be Not Afraid” offers time-tested solace and sage advice:

If you pass through raging waters, in the sea, you shall not drown.

If you walk amidst the burning flames, you shall not be harmed.

If you stand before the pow’r of hell and death is at your side, know that I am with you, through it all.

Be not afraid, I go before you always.

Come follow Me and I shall give you rest.

Your Wonkette does not have kids, but we have SEEN kids, and it seems sort of bizarre to teach little kids "not to fear death," unless we are teaching them not to fear death by buying a goldfish and then informing them a few months later about goldfish heaven. But yes, these are some of Michelle Malkin's ideas about the Lessons from Newtown, and you'll be happy to know that none of them include funding mental health services or doing something about guns. Don't you feel more free already?


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