Michelle Obama Betrays America (Again), Plays Ping-Pong Like A Goddamned Communist

Michelle Obama Betrays America (Again), Plays Ping-Pong Like A Goddamned Communist

How is Michelle Obama, Kenyan impostoress and supposed "First Lady" of the United States of Murka, betraying our glorious nation today? Did you answer "breathing"? Well YOU ARE WRONG SIR. No, today she is betraying us, her "co-citizens" (yeah right), by playing ping-pong in China and also answering a question from a Chinese student about study-abroad programs, and how kids should try to see the world and engage other cultures if at all feasible. Thanks a lot, MRS. STALIN J. MAO.

Over the weekend, the Free Republic, may they live a thousand years, breathlessly reported that "Mrs." Obama took a question from a student what didn't spikka de Eenglish too good. Would you believe that commenters thought the broken English came from Mrs. Obama, because they think she literally cannot talk words? But would you also believe it is not actually really very much their fault (this time) because the Free Republic person who posted the thing maybe is not that good at writing stuff more better?

In a question and answer session at Stanford Center at Peking University in Beijing, China, First Lady Michelle Obama said that sometimes one needs to do things she's uncomfortable with. She made the comments in response to a question about studying abroad.

"For me, I prefer to -- the relationship -- the commerce relationship between -- and the future. So in this program, I think I cannot only learn about the language, the American cultures, but also I can take some courses on this field. So in this way, I cannot promote myself on this field, but also, what is most important I think is to learn -- to understand -- to make a better understanding on the United States cultureand people.

And I think it’s really important for people, especially young generation, to have some time to go abroad, to live and study there so in this way they can build a deeper understanding with each other," said a graduate student at Peking University.

One possible tip-off to the Freepers that it was not Mrs. Obama asking that question was the next line, which began, "The first lady responded," which, we know, can be hard to parse, and then continued with a bunch of bullpuckey about fear and comfort zones and the freedom for our children to is-learning new things and even to fail.

Michelle Obama wants your children to fail, is, we are pretty sure, the takeaway from that.

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE PING-PONG? Michelle Obama played ping-pong, too. Tell us about it, TownHall!

As Ukraine's sovereignty breaks up, and Obamacare implodes, Mrs. Obama does a photo shoot in China. Playing ping-pong and painting calligraphy, it looks like something out of a Chinese state propaganda film.

Oh, that's it? That and a 90-second AP video of calligraphy and ping-pong are the entirety of your post? That is some Bristol Palin-level blogging right there, dudes, but okay, cool, Michelle Obama is propagandizing the Chinese government for her Muslim masters, we guess, obviously, when the correct thing to do would have been to punch that one Chinese lady in the face, and then knock her down and pee on her, for diplomacy and friendship.

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