Michelle Obama Invites Awesome Haitian Lady To SOTU FLOTUS Box

Your FLOTUS correspondent can smell an ABC Family original movie a mile away, and this one smells like some combination ofRuby Bridges, that documentary about the choir for elderly people, and scallions. It is the story of Desaline Victor. Who is Desaline Victor? "At age 102, it’s possible Desaline Victor is the oldest guest ever to attend a State of the Union address." We are apparently not one hundred percent sure that she is the oldest, but we will run with it! Desaline Victor is also "an immigrant, former farm worker, and respected elder and minority from one of the poorest parts of South Florida." Naturally, she will be sitting with First Lady Michelle Obama during the State of the Union as part of the all-important Second Term Agenda Item Dream Team. As both an immigrant and victim of Florida voting procedures, Victor brings age and experience to a guest box that will also include military families and victims of gun violence.

We can imagine the scene. Palm trees, humidity, maybe a few gators crawling around the parking lot. Desaline Victor was ready to vote for Barack Obama, if only she could get into the library and past all those demon poll workers!

Victor voted at a library on the first day of early voting when waits were as long as six hours. She stood in line for three hours until some voting rights activists complained that an elderly woman was struggling on her feet. A poll worker asked Victor to return later. She did so, emerging that evening from the building with an "I Voted" sticker.

That prompted the crowd to erupt into applause — and encouraged many to wait their turn instead of giving up on voting, the White House said.

“The line was shorter at night,” she said. “I wanted to voted for my guy, my son President Obama.”

(Yes, her SON. Haiti, Kenya...IMPEACH!)

For South Florida, Victor symbolizes thousands who endured long lines during a reduced early voting schedule and on election day.

Local activists and observers expect Obama to address voters' rights during the State of the Union address. During his election night speech Obama said “we have to fix that” in referring to those who waited hours to vote.

He echoed a similar sentiment in his inauguration speech. “Our journey is not complete until no citizen is forced to wait for hours to exercise the right to vote," he said.

Aren't they still counting votes in Florida? Desaline Victor is 102 years old! She does not have time for this nonsense. If there's not a movie in the works, we can at least predict that Michelle Obama will be the next cover girl for Creole Cooking Light magazine.

[Miami Herald]


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