Michelle Obama Will Say Cusses Until You Eat Your Effin' Vegetables

OH HEY, Wonkers, it is Friday, which means we usually like to throatcram you with NICE TIME, so here's one! Your first lady, Michelle Hussein Obama, is at it again, trying to force US Americans to maybe move their fannies once in a while, at least toward a salad bar, so they can eat a meal with "nutrients" for once in their lives, instead of their usual 4000-calorie fat-stravaganzas. So she went to the Jimmy Kimmel program, because he is funny and also maybe because he sure has lost a lot of weight lately, and maybe he did it by eating some effin' vegetables! Yes, this funny sketch is all about how Michelle Obama's new fascist campaign, the #TeamFNV initiative, is about getting people to eat Fruits 'n' Vegetables, but Jimmy Kimmel's pretty sure she's saying "effin' V," which stands for "effin' vegetables."

Or maybe it's a new way to say "Fuckin' A," but the "V" stands for "vagina." Effin' V, man! Or maybe "effin" is a verb, and this is an action statement, like "Oh, golly, it is the weekend, and what a weekend it will be, because I'm going to spend it effin' some V's, like I always do!" Just kidding, this post is not about Josh Duggar's Ashley Madison account. (This one is, and this one too.)

Anyway, Michelle Obama says no, stop saying cusses, Jimmy Kimmel, this is about nutrition.

Stop fooling around, JIMMY!

And fun science fact! Even though wingnuts view MichelleObama'sefforts to prevent people from having heart attacks at age 9 as the acts of the malicious black queen wife of a cruel dictator, it turns out Americans actually support the idea of people eating real, healthy food. A new poll shows that over 80 percent of Americans think it would be just great for kids to have F(ruits) and V(egetables) with their school lunches, instead of just eating fried pig lard sandwiches with powdered sugar on top. Weird!

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So eat your P-in-V or whatever it is this weekend. Michelle Obama demands it!

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