MusKegon Kop Kanned For Keeping Klan Kollectibles In Krib

MusKegon Kop Kanned For Keeping Klan Kollectibles In Krib

There are certain things you see while house hunting that are immediate turnoffs. For us, it's vessel sinks and clawfoot tubs. Prospective home buyer Rob Mathis wasn't too picky. He probably just wanted a two-car garage, central air, and no obvious evidence that the previous owner was a white supremacist. Mathis, who is black, and his family were walking through a house in Holton, Michigan, last month and couldn't help but notice the Confederate flags on the "walls, dining room table, and even the garage." Competent realtors usually ask you to remove personal items from the residence before listing it. You want buyers to imagine themselves living there. It's not Halloween and they're not visiting a racist haunted house.

There were even more horrors waiting for Mathis in the bedroom, and we don't mean the cramped, non-functional master closet. He found to his "surprise" a framed "Klu Klux Klan" application hanging on the wall. We confess we didn't realize the Klan had literal applications, as if there were a head of inhuman resources screening them for minimum requirements and red flags (e.g. the applicant is black or Jewish). We assume there are sections for describing how much you resent race mixing and listing all your "special skills" (hating, discrimination, Excel).

Yeah, that's real.Facebook

Mathis decided to pass on the Klan Krib, but he was disgusted to learn that the home owner was a Muskegon, Michigan, police officer. Charles Anderson, who is white, had served in the department since 1997. You think he might've had a dinner party or two during that time. Someone should've noticed the Klan memorabilia when tossing their coat on the bed.

Anderson was placed on administrative leave the day after Mathis posted the photo from his hellish home tour on Facebook. He was finally fired this past Thursday. Details of the investigation aren't yet publicly available, but Muskegon police chief Jeffrey Lewis told city officials in August, "What you saw on social media is pretty much the way it is." That's really damning because very little on social media is the way anything truly is. Lewis also admitted that nothing was revealed during the investigation that "shocked us." Anderson had a Confederate flag placemat on his dining table. That should've shocked someone.

KKK Memorabilia in Police Officer's Home for

Mathis didn't accidentally stumble onto Anderson's secret Klan Kave. This was all in plain sight, along with personal photos that identified Anderson as both the home owner and a police officer. Holton is 96 percent white and .43 percent black (maybe Candace Owens lives there). Muskegon County itself is 14 percent black. Perhaps the white supremacist decor was a "subtle" way of maintaining the community's racial makeup. Anderson certainly wasn't worried about offending any minority buyers. Fortunately, Mathis wasn't intimidated and made some righteous noise.

MATHIS: It's unfortunate that he's in our community, because he might have put people in jail on false charges, especially minorities. Because he was a police officer, it was my moral obligation to say something about it.

Anderson was previously cleared in the 2009 shooting of an unarmed black man, who reportedly used Anderson's police radio and another object to severely beat the officer. That's a shame. And we really have no reason to distrust the internal investigation into a Klan-loving cop.

Mathis has tried to explain to his 12-year-old daughter what they saw at Anderson's house. He's insisted Anderson is just one bad apple, not representative all of law enforcement. He wanted to "shield her from this." He's also received a death threat for daring to expose Anderson. Defenders of Anderson might claim we can't truly know what his actual views are, but we believe non-serial killers don't collect locks of women's hair and non-racists don't eat their cereal on Confederate flag placemats. And a quick history note: Michigan was a Union state that Lincoln won in both 1860 and 1864.


Racheal Anderson promises her husband isn't a Klan member. He just apparently likes to collect memorabilia from a terrorist organization that has tortured and killed minorities. It's a sick, perverse hobby that people like Anderson try to dress up as an appreciation for "history" and "antiques." It's just gross. Cut it out.

We don't know if Anderson eventually sold the house. If it's still on the market, let's hope they at least removed the placemats.

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