Michigan Hero Exercises Sacred Rights To Open Carry Rifle, Yell And Wave Dick At Cops


Meet Joseph Houseman, 63, of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Mr. Houseman (no relation to the guy fromThe Paper Chase) is a big advocate of exercising his Second Amendment rights in public, in his pyjamas, and also of exercising his First Amendment right to yell at cops, inform them a revolution is coming, and to let them know he does not cotton to their freedom-oppressin' ways with all their tyranny and stuff. For some reason, the sight of an elderly gentleman taking a Constitutional constitutional with his semiautomatic bangstick struck some residents as odd when he went walking around one afternoon in early May, so they oppressed Mr. Houseman by calling the police. And knowing what he believed were his rights, he refused to stand down, instead shouting the classic rallying cry of the Spartans, "Moron Labia" -- that is, "Come cunt punt me, coppers!"

Houseman didn't seem to want to comply with the oppressive jackbooted thugs' requests that he set down the rifle, and so a 40-minute standoff ensued, covered in detail by MLive.com. The cops did not follow up on Mr. Houseman's repeated challenges to shoot him, since they are really crafty government thugs bent on nonviolently disarming a citizen so they can send him to a FEMA camp, and eventually talked him into setting down the rifle. He was released, and after the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety decided not to pursue charges of "brandishing" the weapon, Houseman's rifle was returned to him the next day.

Also, too, let's have a nice big "Keeping a cool head" award for KDPS Lt. Stacey Geik for staying calm with Houseman and talking him down, and for this excellent description of the situation:

"He is exercising his open carry rights, however, he has certainly overextended them at this point."

Yep, pretty much.

Mr. Houseman is already being hailed as a 2nd amendment hero, because, as any number of gun-fondlers in comments sections everywhere have pointed out, he wasn't doing anything wrong, and in America, people are allowed to parade around with guns all they want, and to hold guns while screaming at cops about revolution, and all in all we ought to have a lot more of this sort of thing, for a more polite society.

[MLive.com via TPM]

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