Midterm In Style With Sexy New Teabagger Jewelry


Fashionable American daughters of the revolution, do you covet accessories that will please Godand the Invisible Hand? Are your crucifix pendants and American flag pins not enough? Then maybe you should pick up a pair of these beautiful, sterling-silver tea bag dingle-dangle earrings and a matching pin, Made in the USA by the metallurgists at Tea Bag Jewelry. Promoting small government has never been so stylish.

The pins aren't available at this minute, but will be soon. Meantime, you can order your earrings RIGHT NOW and receive them within three days. As an added bonus, they'll arrive in "a pretty jewelry box with a nice magnetic clasp," which you can re-gift. Tea Bag Jewelry (a subsidiary of South Carolina's Prince Company, LLC) has also made it easy for you to include with your purchase a donation to FreedomWorks, the Tea Party Express, or other freedom-loving organization, so you won't have to go to their websites and donate. Your generosity will KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE.

How many pairs of teabag earrings will you purchase, and for whom? Would you be more likely to buy them if they were made out of pink ice? Tell us. [Tea Bag Jewelry website]


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