Mike Huckabee: Can We Shut Up About Racism And Talk About My Lord And Savior Jesus Christ?

When Mike Huckabee was first asked whether the Confederate flag should fly in South Carolina, he said Americans don't "want [presidential candidates] to weigh in on every little issue in all 50 states that might be an important issue to the people of that state but not on the desk of the president,” because clearly the president of America is not president of the individual states that make up America. He also said you can't assume, based on the actions of one lunatic, and also the state's official endorsement of the Confederate flag, that the state is racist. The "lone wolf racist" has nothing to do with the lone racist flag, apparently.

While other candidates like Jeb! Bush and Lindsey Graham have spent the last 48 hours evolving on the issue, Huckabee told Fox News that he will not be doing any evolving of his own, because racism has been "solved," GLORY GLORY HALLELUJAH JESUS! No, for real:

“I keep hearing people saying we need more conversations about race,” the former Arkansas governor opined. “Actually we don’t need more conversations. What we need is conversions because the reconciliation that changes people is not a racial reconciliation, it’s a spiritual reconciliation when people are reconciled to God. [...]

“When I love God and I know that God created other people regardless of their color as much as he made me, I don’t have a problem with racism. It's solved!"

Racism is over, hurray! This may come as news to a lot of rural Southerners who masturbate with one hand on their dicks, one hand on their Bibles, and a Confederate flag-draped dildo crammed up their lily-white asses, but Huckabee speaks the truth. Wait, didn't God CREATE racism, due to too much gossiping at the Tower of Babel? Shut up, you don't know how the Bible works.

Huckabee does bring up an interesting point, though, about how Christians are SUPPOSED to treat people. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (long title that means he is a bigwig), wrote a piece in the Washington Post Friday, encouraging his flock -- white Southern Baptist wingnuts -- to support removal of the Confederate flag, because quite simply, it's hurtful to black people they're supposed to consider their spiritual brethren. Moore wrote, "White Christians ought to think about what that flag says to our African American brothers and sisters in Christ, especially in the aftermath of yet another act of white supremacist terrorism against them."

That Moore had to write that, and that it was radical coming from a white religious right leader, goes to show ya just how stupid and dumb Mike Huckabee really is.

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Huckabee also insisted South Carolina CAN'T be racist, because the governor is a brown and Sen. Tim Scott is black:

“So what I said was, Ed, as a frequent visitor to South Carolina, I look at this objectively. You’ve got a female governor who is of Indian descent, you have the only elected African-American U.S. senator in the South from a state of 4.8 million people, elected largely by people who are mostly white. That’s not racism.”

Sure. The state elected two Republicans of color, so every other indication that it might still have a few issues with race doesn't count. Too bad Dylann Roof didn't get Huckabee's message that racism is over in South Carolina.

This man wants to be your president, America. We shudder to think.


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