Mike Huckabee Has One Weird Trick To Cure Diabetes (It Is 'Money From Hucksters')

Like Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee is going to tell you a few secrets that Big Pharma doesn't want you to know. No, seriously! That's how he's making money these days, and it's all because he wants to be president and definitely not because Huck knows a good grift when he sees one. The New York Times explains how Huckabee is using this one weird trick to cure diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses all the way to the goddamn bank.

In his diabetes video, Mr. Huckabee promotes the “Diabetes Solution Kit,” a $19.95 booklet with advice on eating, exercise and dietary supplements. “Just sit tight,” he says in the two-minute, 40-second pitch, “because in a moment, a free presentation is coming up.” He promises it will reveal “all the natural secrets that are backed by real science that really work.”

But rather than science, the second, lengthier video peddles a diabetes “cure” consisting of cinnamon and chromium picolinate. [...]

Asked this month at an appearance in Iowa if he had used cinnamon and chromium picolinate to reverse his diabetes, he said he had not. “No, I reversed it by taking better care of my health,” he said. Pressed about the dietary supplements promoted by the company he endorses, for which he was paid an undisclosed fee, he said: “I’ll do anything that promotes good health. Yes, sir.”

If we wanted to be a dick about it, Yr Wonket could quote Bertrand Russell at Huckabee and his aggressively ignorant followers. Instead, we are going to join in the fun and purchase multiple copies of Mike Huckabee's Phounding Phrenologists Kit, so we can discover the secrets of the Constitution they don't want us to know!

Look, if you're already gullible enough to fall for evangelical Christianity, then of course you're willing to believe that cinnamon cures diabetes. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that Huckabee's audience is happy to sign over part of their Social Security checks for this crap. Doing so makes them feel smart and healthy in a way that school, diet, and exercise never could.

But Huckabee's hucksterism may have crossed a line. Turns out that all the "science" that supports this quackery comes from places that aren't exactly right with the Lord, freedom-wise.

David Schardt, senior nutritionist for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said: “When you look at good studies, cinnamon and chromium don’t have an effect. There are some crumby studies that show they have some effect.” The poor research, he added, largely was done in China, Iran and Turkey.

Is Mike Huckabee on the take from the mullahs in Tehran, or the whatever-Mooslim-sounding-things-they-have-in-Ankara? We'll tell you just as soon as you fill out this form and watch this informational video. It will literally blow your mind, figuratively speaking.

[New York Times]


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