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So the consensus around the Conservasphere seems to be that Mike Pence did just dandy in the Veep Debate, and shows a heck of a lot of promise as a presidential candidate in 2020 (because he ain't gonna be Veep anyway). As Vox points out, this may not mean a terrific next few days for Mike Pence. You see, there are rumblings. Rumblings that the Great Man may not be too happy with being upstaged:

On CNN, John King noted that at least some Trump insiders (tapeworms?) think the bossman may not be too thrilled with all these conservatives who are suddenly asking, "Wow, why isn't THAT guy at the top of the ticket?"

Well it's an interesting conservation going on in the conservative media -- a lot of them not fans of Donald Trump -- saying that a win for Pence, which they think this was, is not necessarily a win for Trump in the sense that it shows how Pence was a better debater than the man at the top of the ticket. [...] I want to give you one insight from somebody inside Trump world, who is in the inner circle in Trump world, who said that he does not think this is going to go down terribly well with the Donald Trump. Even though the Trump campaign is brushing up statements with all conservatives across the country praising Mike Pence. They said Donald Trump is watching the reviews and he's hearing Mike Pence won, but he didn't defend Donald Trump, and that Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence are better debaters than Donald Trump. Some people think that might not sit well with the boss.

And then there was this little instant poll result that may give Trump a bit of agita, too:

Now, of course, Donald Trump is officially delighted with Pence's performance, even to the point that he's disgusted with that terrible Tim Kaine for interrupting Mike Pence so much while he was winning:

Yes, that makes all sorts of sense (WRONG!).

There's no way of knowing how Trump will really react -- sure, we know Trump loves to surround himself with suckups and lickspittles, and when Trump introduced his running mate, he actually spent 20 minutes talking about other stuff before finally bringing Pence onstage, almost as an afterthought. There were the rumors Trump wanted to boot Pence at the last minute. Then there was that one-day logo that suggested Pence was the definite bottom in the relationship. Even uberloudmouth Chris Christie was reduced to an uncomfortable background prop for Trump. So he may indeed be really peeved that Pence's debate performance was praised more highly than his own.

Then again, Trump is adept at converting everything on the planet into proof that Trump is a genius, including terrorist attacks. So if Mike Pence did well in a debate, that may simply mean that Donald Trump is a terrific debater himself, since why on earth would Trump ever choose anyone who wasn't absolutely the best? God knows we're not going to try to explore the toxic waste dump of Donald Trump's thought processes, if any. We'll know for sure in a day or so, depending on whether Mike Pence plummets from a window of Trump Tower in a tragic accident.

[Vox / Media Matters]

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