Mike Pence Brags To Hungarian Fascist Pals About Births American Fascists About To Force

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Mike Pence Brags To Hungarian Fascist Pals About Births American Fascists About To Force

Last time we talked about Hungary, it was because Tucker Carlson had gone over there on some kind of pilgrimage, we guess to lick the ground white fascist Hungarian leader Viktor Orban walked on, bounce on Orban's lap (figuratively and not in the gay way!), and maybe get some tips for helping speed along his white supremacist Christian nationalist crusade back home. We talked about what Orban has done to destroy democracy in that otherwise nice country over the past decade, to deny people's human rights, to discriminate against LGBTQ people, to demonize immigrants. And we talked about how America's religious Right is just creaming itself over how successful Orban has been.

(Of course, it's all fake, as Anne Applebaum noted recently. For all the Christian theocracy on display, hardly anybody goes to church on a regular basis.)

Anyway, it's time to talk about Hungary again, because Mike Pence just told the Budapest Demographic Summit (yes it's really called that) that he is personally creaming his pants over how America is about to outlaw abortion and take all the uteruses by eminent domain:

Former U.S. Vice President Mike Pence said Thursday that he is hopeful the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court created during his and President Donald Trump's administration will soon overturn abortion rights in the United States. [...]

"We see a crisis that brings us here today, a crisis that strikes at the very heart of civilization itself. The erosion of the nuclear family marked by declining marriage rates, rising divorce, widespread abortion and plummeting birth rates," Pence said. [...]

Pence praised how abortion rates have fallen under Orban's leadership. And he voiced hope that things would change in the U.S. as well, recalling that the administration in which he served as vice president appointed 300 conservative judges to the federal courts, including three new justices to the Supreme Court.

"We may well have a fresh start in the cause of life in America," Pence said. "It is our hope and our prayer that in the coming days, a new conservative majority on the Supreme Court of the United States will take action to restore the sanctity of life at the center of American law."

Mike Pence is so excited he got to be a part of making "The Handmaid's Tale" a reality in the United States, by helping Donald Trump shove all those disgusting, unqualified 24-year-old white wingnut judges on the bench.

Orban reportedly told Pence — who apparently thinks there's a place for him in the Republican Party if Donald Trump, with his "Hang Mike Pence" supporters, enters the 2024 primary — that he "[wishes you] a comeback as soon as possible." Orban also reportedly said some Nazi Handmaid's Tale shit of his own, so that there is a surprise.

Orban also described how Hungary, under his rule since 2010, has used the state "to shape demographic processes" by restricting migration and using tax breaks and other state instruments to ensure that having children is beneficial economically for families.

Neat. Always a good reminder that when these people start freaking out about birth rates, what they mean is they are freaking out about birth rates among white people. That's why they're restricting migration and doing tax breaks for white people to have babies.

Oh by the way it was announced yesterday that they're having CPAC in Hungary next year.

In other words, they're going home.

[ABC News]

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