“WhY aRe aThE WoMEn MaRcHiNg? WhAt RiGhTs HaVe yOu lOsT?” Meanwhile mike “commander, in title only” pence is over here trying to figure out how to outlaw abortion AND divorce, on top of all those other issues like LGBTQ people peskily continuing to exist and whatnot

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Pence said:

We see a crisis that brings us here today, a crisis that strikes at the very heart of civilization itself. The erosion of the nuclear family marked by declining marriage rates, rising divorce, widespread abortion and plummeting birth rates," Pence said. [...]

and quietly," Those, N{clang}s, homos, Mexicans and women who want to work outside the home."

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Arranged marriages.No divorce.No abortion.No contraception.

What? No forced sterilization in the mix? Commie.

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In much of Africa, some countries in the Middle East, a few countries in Central and South America, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are birth rates significantly above replacement.

Invest in family planning in those places and lower their birth rates so little white babies won’t be overrun by the brown and black hordes.

Better long term solution than having more white babies.

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Fun true fact: In 1938, Lord Rothermere, the rightwing English press lord, seriously thought he was going to be elected king of Hungary.

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Hey, can you stop shitting on Hungary, as if everyone there is an asshole?

"Oh by the way it was announced yesterday that they're having CPAC in Hungary next year.In other words, they're going home."

That's some bigoted garbage right there. This is like everyone abroad expecting Americans to all be like Trump.

Be better than this.

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Mike Penis please leave America & take your dumb white traitorous ass, move to Hungary. Its quite obvious you do not even understand the Constitution, believe what America is really about & a traitorous ass hole is exactly who you are.

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You know who else hated abortions*?????Hitler!

* Some terms and restrictions applied.

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