Live In Congress, Former Trump A-Holes Making Excuses For January 6 Capitol Attack!

Hey, here's another WonkTV hearing that's about the domestic terrorist attack on the US Capitol incited by the former president on January 6. While Attorney General Merrick Garland and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas are testifying in the Senate on domestic terrorism in general, the House Oversight Committee is hosting some FUCKING Trump assholes without whose dereliction of duty in service of a fascist usurper things like January 6 probably wouldn't have been possible.

Specifically, they're hearing from former (acting) Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and former (acting) Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen. The Associated Press has a preview of some of the absolute garbage Miller intends to tell Congress this morning:

President Donald Trump's acting defense secretary during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots plans to tell Congress that he was concerned in the days before the insurrection that sending troops to the building would fan fears of a military coup and could cause a repeat of the deadly Kent State shootings, according to a copy of prepared remarks obtained by The Associated Press.

Christopher Miller's testimony is aimed at defending the Pentagon's response to the chaos of the day and rebutting broad criticism that military forces were too slow to arrive even as pro-Trump rioters violently breached the building and stormed inside.

He casts himself in his opening statement as a deliberate leader who was determined that the military have only limited involvement, a perspective he says was shaped by criticism of the aggressive response to the civil unrest that roiled American cities months earlier, as well as decades-old episodes that ended in violence.

Wait, it would have looked like a military coup if the military had tried to do something about the coup Donald Trump was trying to incite to prevent Congress from certifying the results of a free and fair election? That's what you're going with, my pal?

Bull fucking shit, asshole.

(Updated video, boooo PBS!)

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