Millionaire TARP-Bailout Bankster Would Like Chance To Lose To Jerry Brown


Only aformer Goldman-Sachs executive who has never held elected office and supervised the bank bailout under George W. Bush would have the hubris to survey a landscape rife with inequality, a shrinking middle class, and a 21.5% high school drop-out rate and think, "gee, I am exactly what the state of California needs right now: a job-creator and a go-getter who has what it takes to fix education and help Poors!"

Do you think we are joking? Wonkette does not tell "jokes." From the L.A. Times: 

Former U.S. Treasury official Neel Kashkari announced Tuesday that he is running for governor of California, staking his campaign on his ability to create jobs and improve public schools.


Kashkari, who has never held elected office, ran the taxpayer-funded federal bank bailout under President George W. Bush and Obama and has worked as a fund manager, investment banker and engineer. He pointed to his work running the bailout, when politicians worked together to ward off financial disaster, as an example of what he hoped to accomplish in California.

How wonderful for those of us who are Californians that we will be able to look forward of a localized version of the bank bailout. Remember the bank bailout? Sure you do, it involved the transfer of billions of taxpayer dollars to private banking institutions with no strings attached and no real regulations. We did this to punish them for wrecking the entire global economy, and now that they have been sufficiently chastised, they have promised to never, ever, do it again and we can all sleep much better. Won't it be nice to go through all of that again? But just for Californians?

Kashkari is a multimillionaire but has said he does not have the wealth to self-fund a race. He announced a fundraising committee Tuesday that contained a handful of big-name GOP donors.

Among the members of the committee are Emil Henry of New York City, who was a fundraising bundler 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney; Robert Day, the founder of TCW, a Los Angeles investment firm; Richard Roeder, the managing member of Vance Street Capital, a private equity firm; and Harry McMahon, vice chairman of Merrill Lynch.

Ha ha, of course he can't afford to self-fund a race, don't be silly -- you do not become a multimillionaire by spending your own money; you become a multimillionaire by spending OTHER PEOPLE's money. This is what Republicans call "fiscal responsibility," duh.

Oh and other Republican entering the race is a Tea Party Minutemen co-founder from Twin Peaks, who recently released an ad bragging about the size of his balls.

This is the best the Republicans can do, you are asking? Yes, this is the best the Republicans can do. Enjoy your second or fifteenth term or whatever it is now, Jerry Brown.

[L.A. Times]


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