Milo's Dream De-Furred

Milo Yiannopoulos, the sad rightwing loser who lost his job at Breitbart, got his book contract cancelled, and has generally become the real life example of that old Onion headline about Marilyn Manson being reduced to going door to door trying to outrage people, has suffered yet another indignity. Yiannopoulos announced Saturday on Telegram -- one of the only social media platforms that hasn't banned him -- that he was registered for this year's big Midwest FurFest, a furry convention held in the Chicago suburbs, and that he had found his true fursona, a snow leopard.

We don't know if this illustration originated with Milo, or if it was a gift from the Furry Raiders, who tweeted it Sunday. That's the fun-loving alt-right furry bunch that likes to wear Nazi-esque armbands, with a pawprint replacing the swastika, so they're TOTALLY NOT NAZIS, OK? They're just in favor of "free expression" and "tolerance," especially for racists and anti-semites.

Right Wing Watch reports that Yiannopoulos had also claimed on Telegram that he'd submitted an application to hold a panel at the convention on "The Politics of Fur," and asked his supporters to contact him to meet up for "dinner, drinks, photos or anything else."

After some very public furfooraws a couple years back over Nazi furries, the general furry community, who are on the whole an accepting, decent, and decidedly not-fascist-friendly bunch, wasn't at all happy at the prospect of Midwest FurFest being infested by a far-right fleabag. Milo's announcement provoked a fight or flight response online. Mostly fight.

The announcement also sparked at least one discussion of dietary concerns:

After lots of such online complaints, and concerns that Yiannopoulous was out to provoke a fight with furries for the sake of publicity for whatever's left of his brand, the FurFest organizers issued a statement saying his presence "may lead to an inability to provide a safe and welcoming experience for convention participants." For that reason, they said, Milo's registration had been rescinded, and he was barred from registering for any further events. In a statement to Right Wing Watch, the organizers added,

Hate is not welcome at Midwest FurFest. We are dedicated to providing a safe, harassment-free convention experience for all, regardless of age, race, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or personal beliefs.

And yes, the usual crowd of trolls instantly took to Twitter to whine about the outrageous discrimination against Milo for his personal beliefs, and does FurFest just hate him because he's gay? And because drama is Yiannopoulos's brand, he also took to Telegram to insist he'd be coming anyway, hurr hurr (that should be "now" in the first line of the framing tweet):

And if the FurFest was going to reject his membership, then he has no choice but to declare FurFest in "breach of contract," meaning that he ipso facto can show up if he wants, because that's how Troll Law works.

Silly Milo, it's a furry convention. Trolls go to fantasy/sci-fi cons. Totally different thing. And if he does show up, can there be any doubt of the result?

As more than one reply to FurFest's announcement of Milo's cancellation noted, he's now fursona non grata, so it's time for him to shut up. And for fuckssake, let's hope he leaves Bronies alone.

[Right Wing Watch / Dogpatch Press]

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