Mismatched Youths Attempt to Glitter Bomb Marcus Bachmann

Mismatched Youths Attempt to Glitter Bomb Marcus Bachmann

Once upon a time, in America, there were sit-ins and boycotts and hippies getting it on in the back of vans, and this is how we attempted to achieve justice. But it is 2011 now, and young activists require tactics that not only prove a point, but provide really hilarious videos to post to the YouTube. This is why we now have “glitter bombing!” The young people love to do the glitter bombing, because they get to throw stuff on hate-mongering anti-gay wack jobs and gain Internet celebrity while also participating in the democratic process. Today, some inspired activists joined the war effort by donning leopard-print leotards and fur vests and parading into Bachmann & Associates, home of Gay-Curing Wizard Marcus Bachmann.

Here is your video of the self-proclaimed “Gay Barbarian Horde” creating a few minutes of awkwardness at the front desk of Bachmann & Associates, before chanting their made up version of a Lady Gaga song and having a photo op out front. Uh, mission accomplished!

It doesn’t count unless glitter actually makes contact with Marcus Bachmann! Obviously that probably happens all the time, but it has to be unwanted glitter, and on camera. [YouTube]


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