Something Good Happened For Gays In Mississippi, Even Though That Is UNPOSSIBLE

Gay Mississippians

Y'all listen up, for we actually have a #NiceTime involving gaywad-sexuals what live in Mississippi! We mentioned when we reported on the state's horrific, most-insane-in-the-nation "religious freedom" bill, that a mean federal judge had just ruled that it is not OK for Mississippi to be the only state in the US and A where gay couples are not allowed to adopt kids. Can you believe it, and where does that lawyer in a robe get off throatcramming gayness into the Mississippi Delta?

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Well! The state had a deadline to appeal to a higher authority, and maybe they forgot, or maybe they thought the higher authority was Jesus and didn't know they had to actually file an appeal with the Fifth Circuit, but that deadline done gone and expired:

By failing to continue defending the law, it is effectively dead.

“Mississippi was the last state in the nation that prohibited adoption by gay couples, so in all 50 states, gay couples are allowed to adopt kids, as it should be,” Roberta Kaplan, lead lawyer in the case, told BuzzFeed News. “As far as the state is concerned, gay couples and their kids can’t be treated differently than anyone else.”

You guys, Roberta Kaplan is a GOOD LAWYER. She was the one who represented Edie Windsor and got the Defense Of Marriage Act murdered to death. So well done again, Roberta!

So hooray, Mississippi gays can now adopt kids, and it has right now consequences, because for some, like plaintiff Susan Hrostowski, it's not a matter of sitting down with her lady wife and saying, "Let us pick a baby out of the catalog!" Quite to the contrary:

Susan Hrostowski, one of the plaintiffs in the case along with her wife, Kathryn Garner, told BuzzFeed News, “I’ve been waiting 16 years to be able to adopt my son, so I’m overjoyed about that.”

The couple and son plan to see a judge Friday. “I’m hoping the judge will just do it right there,” she said.


So hmmm, we wonder why Mississippi actually let the deadline pass to appeal this ruling? Could it possibly be that idiot Gov. Phil Bryant and his administration have been watching the insane continuing backlash happening against their state, and also against North Carolina, and they didn't want to throw gasoline on the flaming gay flames by having ANOTHER gay-hatin' thing about Mississippi all over the news?

Maybe! Or maybe not, because as we said, Gov. Bryant is A Idiot.

Regardless, we sure are glad Mississippi has that insane "religious freedom" law on the books now, which specifically protects adoption agencies with Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs from having to adopt orphan children out to loving homes that happen to be EW GAY. We wouldn't want their freedom of religion to be burdened like that.

Just kidding, we have actual morals and we'd rather see all kids having loving families that can provide for them, because we are a fucking bleeding heart liberal like Jesus, so REPEAL THE MOTHERFUCKING LAW, RIGHT NOW, YOU ASSHOLES.


Evan Hurst

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