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Is there something in the water in Missouri? Plenty of state-level Republicans are bonkers, but the Missouri GOP is next level, hide the steak knives, CRAYCRAY. Here's the statement the party issued yesterday after Republican Governor Eric Greitens was indicted for felony Invasion of Privacy.

Whoa! Dial it back, wingnuts! We know you're all juiced up from the CPAC Fascist Gunhumpers Jamboree, but it's time to start using your inside voices again. Several members of your own party are calling on Greitens to resign. But somehow it's George Soros's fault that your Governor got caught taking taking naked blackmail photos of his girlfriend ALLEGEDLY? Well, at least you left off those extra (((parentheses))) this time.

It's a little strange that you tried to blame this on THE JEWS considering Eric Greitens is Jewish, but you were on a roll there shouting PROGRESSIVE! and ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT! and ST. LOUIS LIBERALS! You should probably wipe that spit off the screen, fellas.

Say, does "St. Louis liberals" mean "black" by any chance?

Because this is Kim Gardner, Circuit Attorney for the City of St. Louis. And if Eric Greitens doesn't want to be prosecuted by her, he shouldn't commit any crimes in her district.

And, by the way, Missouri GOP, we note that you didn't deny that he did all those shitty things. You're not denying the affair. You're not denying that he tied her up and took the picture without her consent. You're not even denying that he threatened to flood social media with it if she mentioned their relationship. You're arguing that revenge porn is technically legal.

Because you are disgusting and immoral. And antisemitic.

Which is why you got ratioed.

You are BAD, @MissouriGOP, and you should feel BAD. And your POS Governor should have the dignity to resign for the sake of his family before any more ugly details leak out.


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On Saturday, Glenn Greenwald saw a story in the New York Times about how the US is mucking around in Russia's power grid in a show of power:

In interviews over the past three months, [current and former US] officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia's grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow's disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections.

So Glenn Greenwald, being a total Glenn Greenwald, used that moment to defend his president, Donald J. Trump, because OMG it is just crazy that the liberals and the Deep State and the Rachel Maddow think Trump is some kind of puppet of Vladimir Putin, just because he constantly acts like a puppet of Vladimir Putin.

HAW HAW, LIBS OWNED! Isn't Donald Trump always saying nobody's tougher on Russia than he is? Glenn Greenwald agrees that nobody is tougher on Russia than Donald Trump, because Donald Trump says so.

As Aaron Rupar from Vox points out, this tweet from Donald Trump arrived just about eight hours later ...

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