Missouri House Staffer Leaves Loaded Gun In Public Restroom, Location of Cannoli Undetermined

Missouri House Staffer Leaves Loaded Gun In Public Restroom, Location of Cannoli Undetermined

Dave Evans, legislative Assistant to Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, wasbriefly unable to stop any bad guys last week after he accidentally left his 9mm handgun, loaded with hollow-point bullets, on top of the toilet paper dispenser in a men's room at the Capitol on Friday.

Capitol police returned the gun to Evans after Jones’ secretary Lisa Bondurant called to report that it was misplaced. The incident report states that Evans didn't have paperwork for the gun with him, but he "offered a very detailed description of the weapon and the holster (and) was able to identify the weapon by the brand, caliber, color, size, the holster and the ammunition count and type that was in the weapon."

It is not known whether the happy reunion of man and gun was accompanied by a sentimental ballad, but we sure hope it was.

Not everyone, however, was able to share the deep feels of the moment:

State representative Stacey Newman of St. Louis says she is livid.

She says it could have had disastrous consequences had the capitol been full of school children and other visitors.

OK, but that did not happen, now did it? If we went around worrying every time a responsible gun owner mistakenly did something unspeakably stupid with the gun that they are a responsible owner of, we'd sure be worrying a whole lot, now wouldn't we? And then how would be able to defend ourselves against thugs and tyranny, huh?

Responsible gun owner Dave Evans has a concealed carry permit, and so it is legal for him to have his beloved gun with him in the Capitol. No charges are expected to be filed, because what crime is there in leaving a loaded gun in a public restroom, as long as no one got hurt this time?

[St. Louis Today / Fox2Now via Wonkette operative "JM"]

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