mitt mitt - WonketteThere's an exciting new website all about what a dick Mitt Romney has been to various people, and it's all boring except for one page dedicated to Mitt's many brushes with the Law. Also, it turns out that cornball talk is just an act and he says "fuck" like everybody else. In a weird way, Romney's arrests sort of make us like him a little bit more, but in other ways they just reinforce that he's a rich douchesack.

* Back in 1981, Mitt was unloading some sort of pleasure boat into a lake or something, and some park ranger ran over and complained because Mitt didn't have the right sticker on his boat, so Mitt freaked out and got himself arrested on "disorderly conduct" charges, which were dropped when he threatened to sue the entire state of Massachusetts for false arrest.

* Way back in 1965, Mitt and his future wife Ann -- we know, a Republican who married one gal, weird! -- pulled some bizarre prank at a golf course in Michigan. "Reportedly ROMNEY and several friends 'bought huge blocks of ice from the local gas station, laid towels over them, and went sliding down the slopes of a nearby golf course.'" This led to an arrest, "charge unknown." Ice abuse?

* During the 2002 winter Olympics in Utah, which Mitt famously managed, he got pissed off at some traffic cops and started yelling at them. One of the cops claimed Mitt angrily asked him "who the fuck I was and what the fuck I was doing," but Mitt insisted he hadn't said "fuck" since high school, and instead had said, and we quote, "H-E-double hockey sticks."

Also all his associates and staffers are criminals.

Romney's Rap Sheet []


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