Mitt Romney Dons Brownface For Forum With Mexicans

Mitt Romney Dons Brownface For Forum With Mexicans

Mitt Romney saw some Mexicans yesterday, at a Univision forum where he said "Illegal aliens" and all of Twitter got judgmental, as if saying "undocumented immigrants" was going to win Mitt points with his base, who are currently wondering if their hair isn't going to need washing or their showers grouting come Election Day.

Josh will be by later with some extra-super-duper analysis of whatever pandering Senor Romney decided to perpetrate, but we wanted to point you to his Frito Bandito self-tanner job -- as Wonket operative "Sherry" pointed out in tips, he went for "Extra Dark" -- because DAMN, boy looks like Lindsay Lohan and Charlton Heston in "A Touch of Evil" had a little baby, and then hit it with their car. (Because "Evil," and also "Lindsay Lohan.")

So! Self-tanner "accident"? Makeup lady what needs firing? Or did John Boehner take him tanning for a little pick-me-up? He has been having a very hard week.

[AP Photo/Charles Dharapak]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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