Mitt Romney Went Back And Looked at His Tax Returns For Us!


Finally, a little class in American politics. Instead of merely releasing the past ten years of his income tax returns to the public, Mitt Romney took it upon himself to go back and examine the returns for us. He has great news to deliver! “Every year I’ve paid at least 13 percent," Romney said in South Carolina today, "and if you add in addition the amount that goes to charity, why the number gets well above 20 percent."

It's true, if you add back the amount that Mitt Romney deducted from his taxable income, the number is considerably higher. Just like if you add back the amount your Wonkette author deducts for food delivery each day, the number would be well over 150 percent! Huh? Oh god, we need to return our accountant's calls...

Anyway, why won't Mitt Romney release his tax returns?

[Washington Post]


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