Mitt Romney: Why Can't Amercia Be More Like China?

Mitt Romney: Why Can't Amercia Be More Like China?

Oh goody, more incriminating audio from a Mitt Romney fundraiser. This one is  from a fundraiser he and his wife attended at the Irvine, California, home of David Horowitz (a different David Horowitz) back in March, and although Mittens didn’t insult half of the nation, he DID say that Obama considers businesspeople "a necessary evil" and his wife said that the president is not a "grown-up." Also, did you know that China is a better place to do business than the U.S. (which surely has nothing to do with all those young women who are locked into Romney factories at night)? And that Obama wants half of the economy to be "controlled by government"? Well, now you do.

First of all, if Romney wins, it's Ann's fault. Actually, the way Romney tells it, all of this is Ann's fault:

After being introduced, the Republican candidate noted that he had been pushed into his second campaign for president by his wife:

David, you mentioned Ann, and the fact that she insisted that I get in this race. That is the truth. I wanted to talk it over with her. And every time I'd say, "Let's talk about the pros and cons," she'd say, "Talk to the hand, talk to the hand. We're just doing this. We've got to do it." And so she absolutely insisted that I get in this because she was convinced that I was the only one that had the capacity to beat President Obama.

Also, Obama? Well, he's a nice guy and everything, but he thinks that you're a loser. No, really. He does.

[Romney said,] I'm convinced that if this president is reelected, the war on business and economic freedom will continue. I don't think the president likes you very much. If you're in business, I think he looks at you as a necessary evil—and maybe not so necessary. I love you, all right? I love, I love business. I love people who employ other people, who have dreams and ideas, and are willing to start enterprises, and put people to work—all good things grow from successful enterprises. Businesses—good jobs come from good businesses.

But no worries, because China is better than America for business, which Romney knows an AWFUL LOT ABOUT, from what we hear:

When I heard the head of Coca-Cola say that the business environment in America is less hospitable than the business environment in China, I knew we had a problem. I want to make sure that America has the most attractive business conditions in the world—that every entrepreneur once again says, "I want to be an American." Whether it's energy or regulation or tax policy or labor policy or legal policy or health care policy—I want America to be the best place for business.

Yes, if only our businesses were staffed by underaged girls wanting to get married, they would thrive and America would prosper once again. LISTEN TO THE GROWNUP on this one.

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