Mitt Romney Will Let Puerto Ricans Speak Any Silly Language They Want


Rick Santorum made a couple of stupid errors the other day: (1) He visited Puerto Rico before Mitt Romney, allowing Romney to wait for Santorum to say something stupid about Hispanics and tailor his own pander accordingly, and (2) he said something stupid about Hispanics. Santorumdemanded that if Puerto Rico wanted to become a state, it would first have to make English -- the island's other official language -- the "principal language," which is not in fact a requirement for statehood. Now all Mitt Romney has to do is swoop in and say, hey, you darlings can do or say whatever, because I'm Not Ignorant.

CNN reports on the latest contrasting statement industry news:

Romney's campaign issued a statement Thursday contrasting his position on the issue with Santorum's.

"Puerto Rico currently recognizes both English and Spanish as the official languages of the commonwealth," Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said. "Gov. Romney believes that English is the language of opportunity and supports efforts to expand English proficiency in Puerto Rico and across America. However, he would not, as a prerequisite for statehood, require that the people of Puerto Rico cease using Spanish."

That Mitt Romney campaign, sheesh, what goobers. They know perfectly well that Santorum never said he'd "require that the people of Puerto Rico cease using Spanish" as a prerequisite for statehood (although he would probably be fine with that). But hey, not our problem, right? Keep fighting, boys.



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