Mitt Romney's Flickr Alleges Oprah Is His 'Half-Sister'

Mitt Romney's Flickr Alleges Oprah Is His 'Half-Sister'

This strange image is on Mitt Romney's Flickr. With no explanation. Is that a cue card? Who is telling the perfectly still nondescript Mormon to say that? Is it Joseph Smith? L. Ron Hubbard? Jared Loughner? Hey, maybe this election is going to be a contest after all, because who's going to get Oprah's endorsement, Obama or her half-sister, Mitt Romney?

A little Googling shows this is probably from Omney-Fresh's February appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Still, this is a popular subject on Twitter at the moment, mostly because people are making fun of your editor's constant typos. [Flickr]


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