Mob Offers Free Club Sammich To White Supremacists


Tinley Park IL –Tinley Park is a small community that has a way of making anyone who visits feel right at home. It’s a place that allows people to know one another, shake hands with an old friend while walking down the main road and gather nightly at local restaurants sporting a ‘come one, come all’ vibe. Sometimes in towns like Tinley, feathers can get ruffled and little spats occur as they do in any family setting. This is a place where one can vent frustrations without fear of losing out on friendship. These modest folks don’t make it a point to cause any trouble. They just want to finish their day’s work, go to a local eatery, beat people with clubs, have their dinner and go home to fall to sleep in front of the TV.

Tinley Park has its crime, but it is usually nothing more than a kid breaking a window, maybe a stolen bike or a group of alleged white supremacists getting their asses handed to them by masked assailants. But like everywhere else, Tinley Park is becoming more of a police-run town than a citizen-run town. Just ask Jason Sutherlin, Cody Sutherlin, Dylan Sutherlin, Alex Stuck and John Tucker if things are changing for the worse. They were arrested for felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal property damage. What did these nice fellas and thirteen other unknowns do to deserve such harsh treatment from the police? Why did Tinley turn its back on its finest citizens? They were dressed in formal Tinley attire and were quite respectful when they stormed the local eatery and proceeded to beat the ugly out of a group of people sitting at a table. This Tinley-two-stomp was sponsored by "Anti-Racist Action” a group connected to the Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement.

The alleged assailants who were arrested are brothers who became anti-racist early in life growing up in a diverse household with a black father and a black half-sister. They were raised in a predominantly white neighborhood which provided examples of what racism is all about. And like many others who set out to end racism, they donned masks and used violence to bring their community closer together.

The targeted diners claim to be part of an Illinois European heritage association that was affiliated with White News Now and Storm Front; two white supremacist websites. But one victim, Becky Williams, said that the group had never met in person before and this was a first time meeting. She called the accusation of being white supremacists “ridiculous.” Ms. Williams may very well be right given not a single arrest was made for any hate crime or racially related crime. The only arrests were a minor child porn charge and felony weapon possession.

Nobody knows why the Sutherlin brothers and others would have targeted innocent child porn collectors who use illegal weapons while surfing white supremacist web sites engaging in regular discussion about white power. This is a clear case of a hate crime against those who choose this lifestyle. Giving this group of diners a small dose of their own medicine should bring swift and severe punishment to the assailants with hopes of sending the message of “Leave gun toting child porn white supremacists alone!” to those who think it is ok to hate people simply based on those characteristics.



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