'Mohammed' Officially World's Funniest Name After 'Barack Obama'


  • Let's play terrorist bingo! Muslims really do have the most hilarious names -- it's almost like they come from a foreign culture or something. [The Jawa Report]
  • Anyone who cannot tell you the EXACT AMOUNT Obama pays in interest on the national debts racked up by all the drag/welfare queens is unfit to spar with the sharp wits at America's #1 rage-club. [Fox Nation]
  • Please support the brave army doctor who skipped deployment because of Obama and his Kenyan shadow government -- he may need your help to avoid other essential responsibilities in the future. [Birther Report]
  • America's airports descend into maniac frenzy as puns begin to become self-aware. [ABC News]
  • Michelle Malkin presents the Mrs. Doubtfire Awards to America's greatest nannies. [National Review]

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