More Armed 'Boogaloo' Terrorists To Storm North Carolina Capitol Because Haircuts And Civil War

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More Armed 'Boogaloo' Terrorists To Storm North Carolina Capitol Because Haircuts And Civil War

Yesterday, a bunch of armed militia nuts stormed the Michigan Capitol to demand that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer reopen the state despite the fact that doing so would be an incredibly bad idea.

Today, a bunch of gun-toting "Boogaloo" enthusiasts are doing the very same in Raleigh, North Carolina, along with another group calling themselves "American Revolution 2.0." This time, however, they are actually in a state where it is illegal for them to protest on government property while carrying guns, so it may not work out as well for them.

As you may recall, "Boogaloo" is the latest term white supremacist and militia groups have given to their dream of a second Civil War. Many of them see this pandemic as an opportunity to get that going. Of course, as we have previously noted, when you try to Civil War people who are not interested in having a Civil War with you, that is just murder. Or terrorism.

The first group is organized on Facebook under the name "Blue Igloo" — one of the many code terms for "Boogaloo" that have proliferated on social media — and they have been promoting their event on the supposedly more mainstream private group Reopen NC.

Via Triad City Beat:

Promoters of today's event have been actively recruiting on the more mainstream Reopen NC Facebook group, which is set to private.

"I have perfectly legal, constitutionally protected liberty sticks with plenty of freedom seeds," wrote one user who has indicated he plans to be in Raleigh today.

Another user chimed in: "You bet me to it. Bring the boog sticks." Then, in another comment: "Don't forget your Hawaiian shirt!" The same commenter spelled out his intentions for the benefit of an uninitiated person on the thread: "The boogaloo. The big igloo. The big luau. The show. Etc. Americans' second revolution."

A Facebook user who has been active in the planning for today's event posted a photo of himself on April 6 wearing a black and white shirt with palm tree silhouettes and a pink boa while holding a black pistol.

"Grow out your mustache and go full Boognum PI," a friend — also involved in the planning for the Raleigh event — advised.


If Reopen NC sounds familiar, that's because it is the group where one of the founders actually has COVID-19 and tried to claim it was a violation of her First Amendment rights and also the Americans with Disabilities Act to require her to quarantine herself for as long as she was contagious.

The Big Igloo protest, which they are calling "Protect the 1st Amendment. Sic Semper Tyrannis," started at 8 this morning. According to the Facebook page for their event, their goal is to:

Ensure that our local businesses do not get bullied and shut down by police or other government officials if they want to open their doors and get back to normal. Since Raleigh Police Department have already demonstrated that they do not operate under the strict and absolute parameters of the United States Constitution, we will need to be fully armed as a show of force. We want peace. We need it. Our Republic depends on it. We want to be extremely clear that we hold the rule of law in the highest regard. This is not for anarchy. This is to prove that we, the people, are still ultimately in charge.

They hold the rule of law in the highest regard ... except for wanting to be armed in places where they are, legally, not allowed to be armed. And except for wanting to start a Civil War with the rest of us, which is, we must assume, also not legal.

While they have their objective, they say they do not need a "declaration" because the Declaration of Independence is the Declaration.

Declaration: We do not need a declaration of our own, since our forefathers have already done that for us. We inherited a Constitutional Republic. It's time we took it seriously and preserve it.

Of course, the group is already aware that sites like Wonkette will be writing about any stupid thing they do, and have thus encouraged participants to film everything so that we do not Project Mockingbird them.

In order to combat against the corrupt media propaganda machine (research: Operation Mockingbird), we are going to need everyone to have their cell phones rolling at all times during this event. Live Streaming and offline video recording alike. Also need this to be on diverse platforms, so Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever else. Be prepared to bring portable battery chargers as well. If we don't do this, we will absolutely drown in lies and false narratives.

Project Mockingbird, for the record, was an alleged Cold War era CIA program supposedly developed to counter what they saw as communist propaganda from journalists. The only official documented mention of Project Mockingbird is in the Family Jewels report, declassified in 2007, and it is in reference to wiretapping journalists (rather than telling journalists to make fun of right-wing nut jobs who are trying to get us all killed).

Project Mockingbird, a telephone intercept activity, was conducted between 12 March 1963 and 15 June 1963, and targeted two Washington based newsmen who, at the time, had been publishing news articles based on, and frequently quoting, classified materials of this Agency and others, including Top Secret and Special Intelligence.


So far, the protests have been as stupid as you might imagine.

The other group protesting today is American Revolution 2.0, a group that may actually be just one guy named Josh Ellis, who lives in the Chicago suburbs and records many very long YouTube videos that not a lot of people watch.

Screencap of Josh Ellis' May Day protest video, showing 322 views.

You may recall the whole "I have a whole group of people standing behind me and agreeing' schtick from such classics as the Unabomber's manifesto and Eric Rudolph's statements to the press. Not to insinuate anything.

According to the official website, AR 2.0 is planning 50 protests in every state capitol today. That does not appear to be happening. Ellis has, however, shown up in North Carolina and has even spoken to the news media about what his "group" hopes to achieve.


He believes the government's role should be to educate people, make recommendations and not to restrict businesses from operating or people from gathering.

When asked if he was concerned about the spread of the virus if states opened too early, Ellis said, "That says I am not responsible for my own health. That's the message when you are saying only government can protect you from this. You are saying you are either incapable or too stupid to take care of your own health."

Well, given all of the protesters showing up at these rallies, particularly those who subsequently got sick, it seems pretty clear that they are, in fact, too stupid.

[Triad City Beat]

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