Morning Maddow: Paris Attackers Didn't Just Come Out of Nowhere, Imagine That (Video)

Friday's Rachel Maddow Show led off with the kind of reporting you don't see enough of, but that you'd think 24-hour news would be ideally suited for: a fairly in-depth look at the modern history of terror by Islamic radicals in France (which is also wrapped up with that country's former colony, Algeria), and how it connects to the attacks in Paris last week. As it turns out, two of the terrorists in that attack were involved in a failed 2010 prison break plot to free one of the perpetrators of a 1995 train station bombing in Paris. It's fascinating stuff, and a reminder that terrorism and terrorists don't just come out of nowhere. And no, Fox News, knowing the history and motivations is not "making excuses" for terrorism.

And because we don't want to be too unrelentingly grim, there's also this: The entire French internet is Charlie:

Doktor Zoom

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