Rachel Maddow brought us a double helping of Debunktion Junction Wednesday night, because there was just too much misinformation out there for a single segment. First off, she looked at that outrageous ad that congressmoron Kevin Cramer filmed in the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery without permission, violating VA rules to use dead soldiers' graves as props in an ad. Cramer insisted to several media outlets that he would withdraw the ad. Has he actually done it? Watch and find out!

OK, you probably guessed that one. Of course he hasn't. In fact, he's encouraging people to go watch it, because it's such a beautiful ad.

Next up: the budget deficit and how it's skyrocketing, exploding, and strangling us. Maddow includes a clip from the Idaho debate between Sen. Jim Risch, who actually does exist despite Yr Editrix's suspicions that he's a mythical creature, and there he is, saying that he's going to bravely fight to cut the deficit. Is it true? Well, actually, the CBO issued a report showing that the deficit is down, and is in fact "the smallest deficit recorded since 2008." Not that this matters, because the deficit is exploding and we have to cut food stamps.

And finally, our favorite. California Rep. Duncan Hunter's terrifying announcement on Fox News Tuesday that the border patrol has arrested "at least 10 ISIS fighters" crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, which means even more have sneaked into the country, but "there’s nobody talking about it." Because obviously, a story like that is just not something the liberal media would be interested in covering.

We'll cut the suspense for you: No, not true, and Homeland Security says it's "categorically false." The really fun part of this segment is the gymnastics that Hunter's office goes through in trying to insist that he was absolutely right, citing as evidence a rightwing blog that got its info from Judicial Watch, which cites... nobody, and no documents. But there's a whole bunch of ISIS fighters who are in custody, for sure, although strangely enough, no one can say where they're being held or interrogated or when/where they were caught, and so far, only wingnut websites are brave enough to mention any of it.

Doktor Zoom

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