Morning Maddow: Sorry, Barry, Lamest Lame Ducks Ever Giving Up On Confirming Loretta Lynch (Video)

Yr Wonkette would just like to remind you that it's awfully early in the day to start drinking. For some reason, that snippet of advice occurs to us as we bring you Rachel Maddow's lead story from Tuesday night: Looks like Democrats in the Senate won't even bother to try confirming Loretta Lynch as attorney general during the 15 days of work left to them in the lame duck session of Congress (The Hill and Politico are reporting much the same).

There's simply not enough time for hearings and a vote, according to a "top-ranking Senate aide" who spoke to NBC News. That's even though there are no real objections to Lynch's nomination, and even though the Senate adopted rules allowing a simple majority to confirm presidential nominees. Oddly, other things have managed to pass during lame duck sessions as recently as 2010 -- and of course House Republicans found time to impeach an entire president in 1998, even though some of the guys voting for impeachment had also just lost their seats in the '98 election. But the about-to-vanish Democratic majority in 2014? They're really busy. Something about renewing an estuaries bill, not that there's anything wrong with estuaries.

Sorry, Bamz. Maybe Mitch McConnell will help confirm Lynch. If worse comes to worst, perhaps we can remind him that until a new A.G is confirmed, Eric Holder will keep his job, ooooh, Fast & Furious, black panthers, scary!

This video's infuriating. Make sure you've taken your blood pressure meds before you watch.

Doktor Zoom

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