About five years back, conservatives were really excited about mailing tea bags to members of Congress, to send an important message about tea, and liberty, and resisting tyranny. It was a Huge Success! And while no other campaign to send awkwardly shaped objects to Congress ever caught on quite as broadly, it's still a favorite technique, because it's fun and interactive and Sends A Message. Which is why Redstate blogger Erick, Son of Erick is encouraging his readers to send John Boehner some balls, haw haw, because Boehner is such a wimp for refusing to see why shutting down the government is such an excellent idea. Government funding runs out on Thursday, and the conservative base would love nothing more than to shut the whole thing down, because then Barack Obama's executive action on immigration would definitely absolutely go away forever, just like last year's government shutdown ended Obamacare.

Time's running out, says Maddow, adding "Tick-tock." But shouldn't that be "Bouncy-Bouncy"?

Doktor Zoom

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