Muslim Attorney Fees Is Small Price For Oklahoma To Pay For Really Really Hating Muslims

Muslim Attorney Fees Is Small Price For Oklahoma To Pay For Really Really Hating Muslims

Hey, you know how Oklahoma had that big Creeping Sharia Law scare a few years back, and passed a law banning Sharia Law in the great state of Oklahoma, so that they'd be safe from a takeover by scary Sharia-ists and their weird practices, like rigid gender roles, oppression of women, and strict adherence to bullshit religious dogma, only the wrong kind of bullshit religious dogma? And then theylost, hard, when the law was declared unconstitutional, as pretty much everybody knew it would be when the stupid thing passed? You guys remember all that.

Guess what? The bill's due.

Or more accurately, a big honkin' part of the bill is due for that little exercise in anti-Muslim hysteria: Oklahoma must pay the plaintiffs' attorney fees, which came to $303,333, which you might suppose they'd just round off. How much more did the state spend on its own attorneys to fight the case? No telling -- a spokesman for the state attorney general's office said that they don't keep tabs on the expenses of defending the state's laws, especially not the dumb ones, because doesn't Oklahoma look foolish enough already? Still, there's plenty of evidence that Sharia is running rampant in Oklahoma. Just look at the person whose attorney fees are being paid:

Plaintiff Muneer Awad, an Oklahoma City Muslim man, said in the lawsuit that the measure would stigmatize him and others of his faith, limit the results they can receive in court and prevent his will from being probated in Oklahoma because his will references Sharia law, the Islamic law system.

How is Oklahoma supposed to be free if Muslims' wills can reflect weird dangerous religions that the good people of Oklahoma don't like? Next thing you know, the dead gays will think they have rights too.


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