Muslim-Hating Wingnut (Not Palin) Shoots His Own Car For Some Reason

Muslim-Hating Wingnut (Not Palin) Shoots His Own Car For Some Reason

Rat-faced hillbilly "Pastor Terry Jones" still exists, for some reason. (Weren't we supposed to drop him from a Predator onto a pile of rocks in Afghanistan, so that one of his stray limbs would kill a child or a nursing mother? Is this evenAmerica anymore?) So, this Terry Jones character is going around, spewing racism and ignorance on local teevee programs so the nation's millions of semi-literate unemployed slobs can figure out which already-oppressed minority to HATE for the three-decade-long GOP/kleptocrat program to take away working people's homes, jobs, health care and minimal financial security. And, for some reason, "Pastor Terry Jones" shot up the floor of his crappy car. Goldanged Muslims are everywhere!

There's a lot of stupid packed into these next few sentences:

Controversial Pastor Terry Jones made a name for himself after burning a Koran to protest radical Islam. On Thursday, Jones fired bullet into the floorboard of his car. It happened in the parking lot at FOX 2 just moments after he appeared on live TV with Huel Perkins on the "Let it Rip' show.

Southfield Police say the gun accidentally discharged. No one was hurt. No Charges were filed. Police gave the gun back to Jones and sent him on his way.

We don't want to overuse the "and that's the entire story of America in 2011" trope, but this is actually the entire story of America in 2011. [My Fox Detroit via Wonkette super-operative Monsieur Grumpe]


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