MyPillow Guy Says Kevin McCarthy Slipping Tucker J6 Tapes Is Coverup, Is Only Partially Bugf*ck

MyPillow Guy Says Kevin McCarthy Slipping Tucker J6 Tapes Is Coverup, Is Only Partially Bugf*ck

Well, you know what they always say about stopped MyPillow Guys being right twice a BING BONG! or however the expression goes.

Mike Lindell is V. MAD GRRR ARGH that Barely Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave all the January 6 tapes to Tucker Carlson and Tucker Carlson only. Transparency? Fuck off. The only people who trust Tucker are white fascists, incels, Nazis and other seditionists. Tucker Carlson has led the charge in rewriting the history and lying about the domestic terrorist attack of January 6, which was incited by Donald Trump because he's a two-bit wannabe dictator whose feelings were hurt that America kicked him in the nuts on Election Day 2020 and overwhelmingly chose Joe Biden to be president.

Kevin McCarthy knows all this. Kevin McCarthy is lying when he says this is about transparency, just like he was lying when he said he was kicking Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell off the Intelligence Committee because of national security purposes.

But here we go getting carried away talking about our reasons for being mad at McCarthy for slipping Tucker the J6 tapes under the bleachers after third period. Transparent? It was a transparent fuck you to real Americans who don't think seditious presidents should incite terrorist attacks against the country.

The MyPillow Guy was on Steve Bannon's podcast when he said the following things. It's safe to say his motives are not exactly aligned with our motives.

“As everybody knows, Kevin McCarthy and the gang released 44,000 hours from January 6th to exclusively Fox News. Well, we’re not going to sit back and let that happen.

With ya there.

“Fox is going to sift through it and only put out what they want and I’m tired of them breaking our constitutional rights.

Yeah! Bang that pillow loudly! Fox News is a buncha fuckin' liars! They knew they were lying about Donald Trump's Big Lie about the election being stolen and Dominion Voting Systems and all that! Which shouldn't bother Mike Lindell at all, come to think of it!

And this is the point where our brief moment of sorta kinda agreement with the MyPillow Guy comes to an end.

"We have to stand up with everything. Just because they’re doing it everywhere, everything has to be addressed. I don’t know why the media’s not going after them.

We don't even know what that means.

“We are, at Lindell TV, we’re going after him for the First Amendment provision freedom of the press, we’re injured by not having access and then the other thing is the Equal Protection clause, discrimination by the speaker. You don’t just give it – it’s like a cover-up.

Not wrong. But wait, what kind of coverup does the MyPillow Guy think Tucker is going to do to the J6 tapes? Would it be a coverup he didn't like?

Also, for the record, Steve Bannon appears skeptical of Mike Lindell's police work here. Didn't want you to think he was following el hombre de pillow down this dangerous road of being sorta kinda right about this one thing but for the wrong reasons.

“Why does just Fox get this? So they can cover it up even more? It’s disgusting. All of us, including War Room, we all need to see what’s on those tapes and we need to see all of them. And we need to go through them.

“We’re the press too. It doesn’t even make sense and this also goes back to my lawsuits with Dominion and others.”

When he says, "we're the press too," those words are doing a lot of work here, both for the MyPillow Guy and for Fox News.

Anyway, Lindell says he is suing and that will probably go about as well as all his other lawsuits.

If you would like to read a real, sober, intelligent argument for what Democrats should do about Kevin McCarthy handing sensitive national security footage over to Tucker Carlson, Greg Sargent has written you that article. He says Dems should get the footage too (which shouldn't be a problem) and give it to real journalists so they can rebut or even pre-but whatever vile propaganda Tucker is planning. He argues Dems would certainly be be far more careful with security concerns than Tucker will be, and would be merely be giving common troll Republicans the transparency they claim they want so badly. What's wrong with giving it all to Tucker, they are asking. Don't they want transparency?

Fuck off. Get the tapes. Show 'em what the word "transparency" means.


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