Mystery Wingnut Twitter Batmans Warned Ladies About Weiner

Here is a nice, positive "unemployed wingnuts with internet access" story for once. TheNYTimes reported that a mysterious team of conservative Twitter Batmans used an extensive amount of free time to closely monitor Anthony Weiner's Twitter follows (we don't know what that means) to discover that the exhibitionist Fruit of the Loom spokesbulge was "following" a disproportionate number of non-constituent young ladies. If they had they been lots of young men, of course, they would more likely would have gone unnoticed by conservative stalker-hunters (stalker-stalkers). Gay it up next time, Rep. Weiner! The mysterious team then warned the young ladies to avoid Weiner:

Throughout May, Mr. Wolfe and other members contacted other young women Mr. Weiner was following, including a 16-year-old from California who started a campaign on Twitter to get the congressman to be her prom date.

The next day, Mr. Stack, posting on Twitter, sent her a message saying in part, “if you’re a minor and he’s following you, well, seems a little creepy if not in ny,” copying @RepWeiner on the post. The next day, on May 18, the girl posted: “Well @RepWeiner unfollowed me.”

They later captured the infamous gray boxer shorts photo and sent it to Commissioner Gordon relentless fop Andrew Breitbart so he could take credit for the whole thing instead.   [NYTimes]


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