Naming And Shaming The 71 House Republicans Who Just Took Russia's Side In Ukraine War

Rachel Maddow's Wednesday night show alerted us to a little vote that happened in the House this week that most didn't notice, what with Trump crying himself to sleep on Air Force One after Justin Trudeau made fun of him, and oh yeah, impeachment.

The House voted this week on H.R. 546 -- just a simple resolution, really. It was introduced by Democratic Rep. Albio Sires of New Jersey and says NO, Donald Trump, you cannot try to sneak your boyfriend Vladimir Putin back into the Group of Seven (G7), not even as a guest and definitely not as a member, no matter how much he begs and/or promises you more sweet election interference in 2020. (As Yahoo! News notes, Russia decided to quit the group for good in 2017, because of how they definitely don't want to be invited to your party, you fuckin' betcha no they never. Yahoo! News also reports that French President Emmanuel Macron actually agreed with Trump at the NATO summit that they should invite Russia to the G7 next year as a guest. Emmanuel, WHAT R U DOIN?)

It passed, of course. But 71 (71!) House Republicans voted against it.

Here is a Wonkette treason paraphrase of the resolution, because our treason paraphrases are less boring-er than actual House resolutions, which include almost zero cusses:

WHEREAS Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and stole Crimea; and

WHEREAS That's the whole reason Russia was kicked out of the G7 to fuckin' begin with; and

WHEREAS Last time we checked Russia still has its dick planted in Ukraine's dirt and continues to do war to Ukraine; and

WHEREAS Donald Trump will not fucking shut upabout how much he wants to let Putin back into the G7, because of how Trump pretty much supports the Russian invasion of Ukraine and "doesn't give a fuck about Ukraine" unless it's investigating the Bidens for him;

THEREFUCKINGFORE the House says nope, not gonna happen, and calls on all the leaders in the G7 to keep Russia out unless Russia 1) leaves Ukraine and 2) stops attacking all the democracies in the world.

Like we said, it is a simple resolution. And a good one!

As Maddow noted last evening, in the halcyon days of the Trump administration (LOL "halcyon"), though Republicans did everything they're doing now to snuggle up to and worship Donald Trump, they still would take the side of America occasionally, especially when it came to things like Russian sanctions. Hell, in July of 2017, the Republican-controlled House passed a metric fuckton of new sanctions against Russia, a bill that specifically said that if Trump wanted to even think about lifting a sanction, he had to ask Congress's permission. The vote? 419-3. The vote in the Republican-controlled Senate? 98-2.

Now, in a Democratic-controlled House, on a resolution to continue punishing Russia for its still-ongoing invasion of Ukraine -- the country Trump is being impeached right now for bribing for investigations in exchange for military aid in order to help his 2020 re-election -- the vote was 339-71. Congratulations to the 116 Republicans who did vote for it.

Here at Wonkette, we believe in naming and shaming, so here is a list of the 71 Republicans who voted against the resolution. (All the Dems present voted for it. Tulsi Gabbard did not show up.) One name you'll note that's not on the list? Devin Nunes! Even a stopped cow is right once a day, as the old expression goes! Also missing is Louie Gohmert. For real!

Jim Jordan is definitely on the list, though. Is your Republican congressman? If so, you need to call their office and yell at them even more than you usually do.

1. Ralph Abraham (LA-05)

2. Robert Aderholt (AL-04)

3. Rick Allen (GA-12)

4. Brian Babin (TX-36)

5. Jack Bergman (MI-01)

6. Fucking Andy Biggs (AZ-05)

7. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12)

8. Rob Bishop (UT-01)

9. Dan Bishop (NC-09)

10. Kevin Brady (TX-08)

11. Mo Brooks (AL-05)

12. Ken Buck (CO-04)

13. Ted Budd (NC-13)

14. Michael Burgess (TX-26)

15. Buddy Carter (GA-01)

16. The Congressman from "Hee-Haw," Doug Collins (GA-09)

17. James Comer (KY-01)

18. MIke Conaway (TX-11)

19. Rick Crawford (AR-01)

20. Warren Davidson (OH-08)

21. Scott DesJarlais (TN-04)

22. Jeff Duncan (SC-03)

23. Neal Dunn (FL-02)

24. Drew Ferguson (GA-03)

25. Chuck Fleischmann (TN-03)

26. Jeff Fortenberry (NE-01)

27. Fucking Matt Gaetz (FL-01)

28. Greg Gianforte (MT)

29. Bob Gibbs (OH-07)

30. Lance Gooden (TX-05)

31. Congressdentist Paul Gosar, whose whole family un-dorsed him for re-election in 2018 (AZ-04)

32. Tom Graves (GA-14). Wow, lots of Georgians here acting as Putin's assets! Of course they'd probably say it's really about "states' rights" or something.

33. Glenn Grothman (WI-06)

34. Michael Guest (MS-03)

35. Andy Harris (MD-01)

36. Kevin Hern (OK-01)

37. Jody Hice (GA-10)

38. Clay "WHAR BOXES?" Higgins (LA-03)

39. Richard Hudson (NC-08)

40. Jim Jordan (OH-04 and also the Ohio State gym)

41. John Joyce (PA-13)

42. Trent Kelly (MS-01)

43. Steve King (IA-04). To be fair, Russia has a lot of white supremacists, so.

44. Doug LaMalfa (CA-01)

45. Debbie Lesko (AZ-08)

46. Billy Long (MO-07)

47. Barry Loudermilk (GA-11). GEORGIA AGAIN! Goddamn, is Oleg Deripaska building an aluminum plant in Macon or something?

48. Thomas Massie (KY-04). Oleg Deripaska's company is definitely building a plant in Kentucky LOL.

49. Brian Mast (FL-18)

50. Mark Meadows (NC-11). Because of course.

51. Dan Meuser (PA-09)

52. Carol Miller (WV-03)

53. Paul Mitchell (MI-10, not the shampoo guy)

54. Markwayne Mullin (OK-02)

55. Greg Murphy (NC-03)

56. Ralph Norman (SC-05)

57. Steven Palazzo (MS-04)

58. Gary Palmer (AL-06)

59. Greg Pence (IN-06)

60. Scott Perry (PA-10)

61. Bill Posey (FL-08)

62. John Rose (TN-06)

63. Austin Scott (GA-08)

64. Jason Smith (MO-08)

65. Greg Steube (FL-17)

66. Chris Stewart (UT-02). You'll remember him as one of the single most obnoxious and stupid Republicans in the Intel Committee impeachment hearings. He also thinks it's super-cool for Trump to accept foreign interference in elections. GOOD MORMON BOY, THAT ONE.

67. William Timmons (SC-04)

68. Randy Weber (TX-14)

69. Rob Woodall (GA-07) Another Georgia!

70. Ted Yoho (FL-03)

71. Lee Zeldin (NY-01). Because of fucking course.

So there you go! Those 71 GOP members of Congress decided this week that it would be cool to be a Russian asset, at least for the purposes of this vote.

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy joked last night on Maddow that maybe they just want some of that sweet sexxxy Russian election interference for themselves. Or maybe they're just selling out America, because that's the Republican thing to do these days.


[HR 546 / roll call]

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