Nancy Pelosi Ready To Impeach The MFer Again

Five days ago, Donald Trump unleashed a mob onto the US Capitol. Republicans would love for us to “move on," but the scars are still fresh and Trump is still in the White House. Don't worry about that last part, though. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan.

Unbowed, Pelosi appeared on "60 Minutes" Sunday. In her introduction to the interview, Lesley Stahl said Wednesday's joint session of Congress was attacked by “an angry mob, stirred up and aimed down Pennsylvania Avenue by an election-losing president." Those words should shock us, but Trump's repulsive legacy is that they don't anymore.

Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes

Stahl asked Pelosi who's actually running the damn country. There's a pandemic raging through the nation. Russia hacked us but good last month. Oh, and there was a domestic terror attack on the Capitol.

STAHL: Is anyone running the executive branch of the government? Who is running the executive branch?

PELOSI: Well, sadly, the the person running the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the United States.

Back in 2019, when the House impeached Trump for the first time, Pelosi said she prayed for Trump and resented accusations that she hated him personally. I think she's past that now.

PELOSI: [There is] only a number of days until we can be protected from him.

Here I disagree slightly, as Trump is fully capable of inciting mobs in the private sector. After Wednesday, I'm fully on Team Prison for Trump.

PELOSI: He has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him.

Damn, guess we don't disagree. Hear that, Trump? Pelosi's coming for your ass.

Pelosi told Stahl the 25th Amendment isn't yet off the table. The interview was taped Friday, and Vice President Mike Pence has yet to act because he's worried about provoking the rabid dog. Today, Pelosi is expected to give Pence 24 hours to do what he should've done Thursday morning.

The speaker walked Stahl through the aftermath of the attack, the shattered but unbroken Capitol building. When Trump's mob tried to breach the House floor, Capitol police attempted to remove Pelosi, who wanted to remain. They were insistent that her safety was at risk and convinced her to leave. (Note: This was probably around the time QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert tweeted to all the world that “the Speaker has been removed from chambers.")

Pelosi almost broke down when she described the assault as a “terrible, terrible violation of the Capitol, of the first branch of government, of the legislative branch by the president of the United States."

This isn't hyperbole. This is what happened. The US president attacked a co-equal branch of government, in a last, desperate attempt to remain in power.

Pelosi showed Stahl where the mob broke into her suite of offices. They smashed through one door and went through to another door, behind which Pelosi's young staff cowered terrified.

PELOSI: The staff went under the table, barricaded the door, turned off the lights and were silent in the dark for two and a half hours.

This was also when Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy called Trump and begged him to call off his goons instead of sending encouraging tweets. Trump released a video saying, “We love you. You're very special," as Americans hid under desks in the Capitol, afraid for their lives. Even if he'd never said a word at the rally, Trump's lack of response alone demands immediate removal.

PELOSI: The evidence is now that [the assault] was a well-planned, organized group with leadership, guidance, and direction. And the direction was “Go get people."

Pelosi confirmed the mob was shouting, “Where's the speaker? We know she has staff. She's here somewhere. We're going to find them."

The speaker pointed out that Trump's weak-sauce “Please go home" message to his mob was filled with more of his lies about how “the other side" had stolen his “landslide" victory. Once the mob was ejected from the Capitol, Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, and Mike Pence all agreed they should return and resume the electoral vote count. Trump wouldn't get what he wanted.

But even after the violence and death, members of the GOP treason caucus still appeased the mob and its ringleader-in-chief with baseless objections to Joe Biden's victories in key swing states.

PELOSI: Shame on them. Shame on two-thirds of the Republican caucus in the House. These people are enablers of the president's behavior. I remember when Republicans in the Senate went to see Richard Nixon and said, “It's over." That's what has to happen now.

Republicans might fear Trump, but Pelosi never has and never will. She said without hesitation that she thinks Russia has something on him, as that's the only explanation for why he's “a handmaiden for Putin." She stressed that she wants Trump's sorry ass removed immediately before he blows up the world in spite or just tries to "pardon these people who are terrorists on the Capitol" (her words and she's right).

But if Trump's thinking of pardoning himself, especially after Wednesday, Pelosi delivered a parting shot.

PELOSI: He can only pardon himself from federal offenses. He cannot pardon himself from state offenses, and he's being investigated in the state of New York.

Stahl wondered if impeaching Trump a second time was even worth it since he'll leave office anyway on January 20.

PELOSI: This president is guilty of inciting insurrection. He has to pay a price for that.

Damn right.

Watch the whole interview above. It's worth it.

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