Nancy Pelosi Just Saying The Enemy Is Inside The House. You F*cking Heard Her.

You know, there are times when people look at you like you're crazy when you say hey, the Trump years were really bad, and we have no idea how close we really came to losing our democracy and slipping into an authoritarian system of government. Guess what? We were right, those people were wrong, fuck 'em.

And now, we bet there are people out there looking at you, and us, thinking we are crazy when we say Donald Trump didn't actually fundamentally change Republicans' character — they've believed in white supremacy more than they believe in democracy for a long, long time — but he sure did give them permission to let their KKK hoods fly. And after Trump spent three solid months pushing his fascist Big Lie that he won an election he lost, and after inciting his minions in Congress and on Fox News and elsewhere to also push that lie, a mob of rabid white terrorists attacked the US Capitol to try to overthrow democracy, to please their Dear Leader.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not mincing words about what's going on. Discussing the need for more money for protection for members of Congress, Pelosi said Thursday that "the enemy is within the House of Representatives — a threat that members are concerned about — in addition to what is happening outside."

Wait, what did she say?

You fucking heard her.

"It means that we have members of Congress that want to bring guns on the floor and have threatened violence on other members of Congress," Pelosi said during her weekly press conference.

Oh yes, that's right. Right now, we have (at least) two GOP reps in the House who are also QAnon reps, one of whom, Marjorie Taylor Fucking Greene, has outright endorsed assassination against her political enemies, including specifically Nancy Pelosi. A number of GOP members of Congress, including the QAnon reps, are hellbent on carrying guns on the floor. We've said it a thousand times, that you should always assume the absolute worst of elected Republicans, because they haven't earned the right for us to try to see the best in them, especially now. Do we actually trust all of them to keep their penis-guns in their pants around elected Democrats? We personally don't. This class of Republicans hasn't earned our trust and likely never will.

Pelosi had more thoughts specifically about Greene, and about the GOP leadership that just put that unhinged assclown on the Education Committee. Yes, the same Marjorie Taylor Greene who has said she thinks mass shootings in schools, including Sandy Hook, are false flag events.

Pelosi said Greene should not be seated on the House Education Committee after peddling a false conspiracy theory that the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 was a hoax — remarks that Democrats say are among Greene's most horrific in a broader trend of incendiary and at times threatening rhetoric.

"What could they be thinking? Or is thinking too generous of a word for what they might be doing?" Pelosi said Thursday of the GOP's decision to seat her on that committee. "It's absolutely appalling, and I think the focus has to be on the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives for the disregard they have for the deaths of those children."

What are they thinking? Probably that this is who they really are, or at least they're fine with some of their members being like that as long as it doesn't interfere with their pursuit of power. Don't worry, though, y'all, because GOP leader Kevin McCarthy is gonna have a real long talk with Greene, we are guessing about not saying the quiet part quite so loud.

Pelosi isn't the only one talking about how the enemy is inside the House:

During a Congressional Progressive Caucus call with reporters on Thursday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said lawmakers have purchased bulletproof vests and other security protections "because they simply do not feel comfortable with our colleagues, which is a very, very sad statement."

"We need more funds specifically dedicated to this," Jayapal said, "and we need to have more clarity on what funds we can use. I don't think people should have to raise money from their campaigns to pay for the security that is part of this horrible environment that Republicans have fueled and incited."

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has expressed that she doesn't feel safe in fucking Congress right now, to which Tucker Carlson has responded by repeatedly mocking her. We're not sure, and we're horrified to feel this way, but we're starting to suspect that at least some of those inciting Trump's terrorist army would secretly love to get a few Democrats assassinated. Hell, assassinations are literally a big part of the QAnon "storm."

Anyone heard Republicans throwing a press conference in solidarity with Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who on top of enduring the Capitol attack had to deal with how a Trump insurgent was personally threatening violence against his family members the very same day? Didn't think so.

Democratic Rep. Jason Crow said on the Lawrence show last night that Trump has "radicalized an entire wing of the far Right," and given them "license to sow their violence throughout the country." And Republican leadership seems pretty OK with that. For a hot second there, after hordes of terrorists attacked the US Capitol with the clear intention of assassinating some of them, a few GOP elected officials made nice sounds about how this was all so very terrible. They've mostly fallen back in line at this point.

This is where we are. People might look at you like you're crazy if you say so.

Fuck 'em, we're right this time too.

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