Nancy Pelosi Not NOT Saying Kevin McCarthy Is A Moron

Nancy Pelosi Not NOT Saying Kevin McCarthy Is A Moron

Uh oh, Nancy Pelosi used the "M" word about Kevin McCarthy. No, not "manwhore." Not "McLoser." Not "meaningless meddlesome marginal musty mendacious malcontent."

She called him a "moron." Because he is one.

Wonkette noted this in another post, but we feel like re-emphasizing it, for clicks. McCarthy tweeted last night, regarding possible new mask mandates and CDC guidance, that such decisions wouldn't be "based on science, but a decision conjured up by liberal government officials who want to continue to live in a perpetual pandemic state." You know, because of how liberals just love having to wear masks and have wonderful social events canceled because bumfuck rednecks refuse to do their goddamn civic duty and get their shots (or, if they're not gonna get their goddamn shots, WEAR A FUCKING MASK AT FUCKING LEAST). In response this morning, Pelosi said McCarthy is "such a moron." Or at least people were pretty sure that was what she said.

Point out the lie. We'll wait.

At her weekly presser, a reporter asked Pelosi to clarify: "Is Kevin McCarthy a moron and if so, why?"

And she responded:

"I calls 'em as I sees 'em, BYE BITCHES!"

OK we are just fooling, that was not her response.

She said:

"I said earlier in my comments, science, science, science and science. On almost every subject you can name, science is the answer, whether it's the climate crisis, whether it's the health crisis, whether it's our pre-eminence in the world in technology: science, science, science, science. To say that wearing a mask is not based on science, I think, is not wise, and that was my comment, and that's all I'm going to say about that."

Note that she didn't say he's NOT a moron, so we'll take that as a yes. If she had said she was praying for him, it would have been even more brutal, but Pelosi likes to dish it out in quick, spicy doses.

As Steve Benen points out, Pelosi's spox refused to confirm or deny whether or not Pelosi said McCarthy is a moron, but confirmed she definitely thinks such a stance on masks is "moronic."

Of course, the science of all it is pretty simple. Back when the CDC said the vaccinated could go mask-free, we didn't have the Delta variant ravaging the population, and the vaccines protected those who were not unclean from transmitting the virus. (Of course, unvaccinated white Republican morons responded to the CDC guidance by continuing to not wear masks, like they'd been doing the whole time.) The Delta variant, however, is a different, far more contagious animal. While the shots appear to still offer tons of protection to the vaccinated, breakthroughs are far more common, and vaccinated people who actually catch those breakthrough cases seem to be able to transmit it. There's nothing inconsistent about any of this.

So mask up, fuckers, even if you're vaccinated, at least when you're in enclosed spaces in areas with high transmission rates.

(Also, Pfizer said this morning that early data indicate a third dose of their original vaccine offers a hell of a lot more protection against Delta. So if that bears out, this may not be forever.)

We're not saying this is your open thread, but we're not NOT saying it either.

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