Nancy Pelosi Not Letting Mitch McConnell Get Away With That Sh*t

You know Mitch McConnell is about to lie his shell off when he gets on the Senate floor and starts talking about the "framers" and the noble institution of the Senate. McConnell rendered the Senate radioactive yet dares to feign horror over hyperpartisanship.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has put a freeze on the articles of impeachment until McConnell agrees to an actual trial and not a rigged frat house initiation for Donald Trump. This hurts McConnell's feelings, and he decided to lecture us today about what the Constitution's noble slave-owning authors intended.

This is classic bullshit from the guy who said his sole objective as Senate minority leader was to deny Barack Obama a second term. Now, that was a purely political calculation, a clear example of the "short-termism" his beloved framers decried. McConnell was literally the "demon of faction" when he refused to join Obama in a bipartisan repudiation of Russia's obvious efforts to influence the 2016 election.

Someone needs to tell this guy to get fucked. Oh look, here comes Pelosi.

Damn, Gina! Someone call the proctologist, because Pelosi just broke her foot off in McConnell's ass. She called him an "accomplice" in Trump's cover-up, one who will "feebly comply" with the president's ongoing criminal enterprises like some common trained seal flunky.

When not reading McConnell for filth, Pelosi also sticks to the larger message that McConnell violated his Senate oath when he went on Fox News and promised the president a sham trial. She also leans on Republican senators to choose between Trump or their dignity. Most Republicans, like Lindsey Graham, already made their choice, but Pelosi clearly isn't listening to the simpering advice of flakes in the media or her own caucus who say Democrats should just accept that Republicans are corrupt and go home. The Republican-controlled Senate might eventually clear Trump but they can't clear themselves. She's going to embarrass them like Chuck Schumer never could.

Thank God and not Tim Ryan that Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the House. She'll fight Trump all the way to the Senate, and she's not afraid of Mitch McConnell.

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