NASA Now Says Falling Satellite Will Maybe Destroy America Today


If you're old enough to remember this video game, you're too slow to outrun the satellite.Have you heard about that no-big-deal falling six-ton bus-sized satellite that wasn't really a risk for the United States? Well, NASA just changed its story, and now the U.S. is in the path of destruction. The satellite will fall out of space in a few hours. It might break up into pieces that mostly slam into the oceans, and it might kill you and everyone you love. Then again, it might kill people you don't love. So, think of it as your own erratic U.S. predator drone or Angel of Death.

NASA, our nation's space program without a space program, updated its psychic predictions about the whole "orbital apocalypse" thing:

A satellite whose orbit is degrading will fall back to Earth Friday afternoon, with the United States once again a potential target, NASA said.

The U.S. space agency had been saying for two days that North America would not be not in the strike zone for about 26 pieces of the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) expected to survive the descent. Those pieces, made of stainless steel, titanium and beryllium that won't burn, range from about 10 pounds to hundreds of pounds, according to NASA.

And then, NASA put something on Twitter saying, "Eh, maybe it will fall Saturday and not Friday. We have no frickin' clue."

So, keep your eyes on the skies! Or don't, as it won't really matter one way or the other. What are you going to do, run away from several hundred pounds of red-hot metal shooting out of the sky? Fine, run. It's never to late to get in shape or whatever! [CNN]


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