National Zoo Death Panel Murders Brave Bald Eagle

National Zoo Death Panel Murders Brave Bald Eagle

HMM,SYMBOLISM: "Sam, an elderly female bald eagle who had lived at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo since 2003, was euthanized by officials on Dec. 31, authorities said." First the Smithsonian lets ants just walk all over a crucifix like they own it, and then their death panel decides to kill granny bald eagle, America's greatest symbol. What's worse, this socialist D.C.-insider organization put this patriot bird under big-government slavery after simply trying to enjoy the Second Amendment: "Sam... lived in Alaska until 1986, when she was found suffering from a gunshot wound." Surely she wanted to die living in freedom and not by the hands of some government-funded bureaucrats. Surely Sarah Palin must RT this.

Sam was found lying in her exhibit Dec. 28 and was taken to the zoo’s veterinary hospital for treatment. She initially responded to medical treatment, but her condition began to decline and she was euthanized.

Jesus, you know what they probably tried to do to her? Give her medical treatment. Disgusting. And then they decided George Washington's best friend wasn't allowed to live anymore. It is they who should be given the penalty of death. And it would happen, if this had taken place in a Texas zoo.

The zoo currently has one bald eagle left and is considering adding more. The remaining bald eagle is not on exhibit because of construction of the new seal and sea lion exhibit in the Beaver Valley section of the zoo.

Sure, remove THE PATRIOT SYMBOLS OUR CHILDREN NEED TO LEARN ABOUT AND WEAR ON THEIR XXXXXXXL T-SHIRTS and replace them with a bunch of inferior, lazy, foreign brown creatures.

If Jesus was a bald eagle and his bald eagle mom was trying to give birth to his egg at the National Zoo, there would have been no room at the inn, and this zoo death-panel would have made him into an omelet. [WP]


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